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ICDL exhibitions are small collections of books from around the world with similar themes. The exhibitions include an overview of the theme, links to the exhibition books, descriptions of why the books were included, and related activities. Click on an icon below to visit an exhibition. If you would like to create an exhibition for the ICDL, please read the exhibition guidelines.
Celebrating Differences Celebrating Differences
Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? No two people in the world are exactly the same and so it is important to recognize and celebrate how each of us is unique.
Clearing the Hurdle! Clearing the Hurdle!
Everyone encounters obstacles throughout life. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome difficulties. See how the characters in the books in this exhibition meet their challenges.
Everyone Needs Water and Water Needs Everyone Everyone Needs Water and Water Needs Everyone
We share this planet, and so it is important to work together to take care of our natural resources. The focus of this exhibition is water and its importance to cultures and countries all over the world.
Forever Friendship Forever Friendship
All around the world every day children are meeting and making new friends. This exhibition highlights the many important aspects of making friends and being a good friend.
Seasons of Change Seasons of Change
Seasons are quite different around the world. In some countries, the weather rarely changes, and in other places, the weather in January is quite different from the weather in August. The books in this exhibition highlight the different characteristics of seasons in countries throughout the world.
Strong Women and Girls Help Make the World Go Round Strong Women and Girls Help Make the World Go Round
The world is better place when everyone has the opportunity to be strong. The books in this exhibition encourage young girls to become anything they want to be.

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