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Celebrating Differences Celebrating Differences
Үзэсгэлэнг зохион байгуулагч - Jaime Moore
Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? No two people in the world are exactly the same. We each have characteristics that make us special and unique. It is important to celebrate and appreciate these differences. This exhibition features books whose characters are particularly different from the other characters in the book. Notice how the characters cope with these differences and how they learn to appreciate, rather than deny, their differences.

Mama and Papa have a storeЯнзын жаал = Boy who sees things in a different wayA cool kid - like me!Little CarlyThe bird of good omenSandosenang kuya = A dozen brothersLittle Fluff and his brothersAng alamat ng ampalaya = The legend of the bitter gourdMagnificent Benito and his two front teeth = Ang dakilang si Benito at ang dalawang ngipin niya sa harapThe teacher and the painterMy father makes me feel embarrassedФинбоThe beautiful pondThe song village

ICDL-н номнууд | Бусад номнууд | Үйл ажиллагаанууд | Үзэсгэлэнг зохион байгуулагчийн тухай
Ang alamat ng ampalaya = The legend of the bitter gourd Ang alamat ng ampalaya = The legend of the bitter gourd
Зохиогч - Augie D. Rivera, Jr.   Номын зураач - Kora D. Albano   Орчуулагч - Ani Rosa S. Almario
Англи хэл - Филиппин хэл / Тагалог
Ampalaya was pale and bland. He was envious of the taste, color and beauty of other vegetables in Sariwa town. Rather than accepting his own differences, he stole the sweetness of Kalabasa, the sourness of Kamatis, the spice of Luya and the fair complexion of Labanos. He also took the purple color of Talong and the green cheeks of Mustasa. The new qualities he stole from the other vegetables begin fighting within him. If he had accepted his differences, he would not have to deal with turmoil within him. Unlike the other books in this exhibition, the main character never accepts his difference.
The beautiful pond The beautiful pond
Зохиогч - Kambiz Kakavand   Номын зураач - Ali Reza Goldouzian
Перс хэл
Speckled Frog used to sing differently so the other frogs poured a "song syrup" into her mouth that made her silent. A little fish discovered a flute at the bottom of the pond and brought it to her and asked her to play. Speckled Frog played very well, and everyone in the pond enjoyed her music. Although Speckled Frog did not sing as well as the others in the pond, she had another unique talent that the others in the pond did not. The books illustrates and represents a lot of different animals characters, including fish, frogs, dragonflies, and lizards. In the end, all of the animals are pleased when Speckled Frog plays the flute.
The bird of good omen The bird of good omen
Зохиогч - Leila Hakim Elahi   Номын зураач - Pari Bayani
Перс хэл
Reza was unhappy with everything in his life so he wished to be something else. He wished to be a dog, a cherry tree, a bird, and many other things. Finally he realized he only wanted to be Reza. Sometimes once we experience life in another’s pair of shoes, we begin to appreciate ourselves and our differences more. There is an illustration of the bird of good omen on page 15.
Янзын жаал = Boy who sees things in a different way Янзын жаал = Boy who sees things in a different way
Зохиолч ба зураач - Жамбын Дашдондог
Монгол хэл
A boy sees things in a different way than the other students in his classroom. Many of the boy’s actions and class work confuse his classmates because the boy thought of things differently than his classmates. Many times, people have different perspectives, or points of view, than others. The boy draws a picture about two enemies becoming friends and holding hands. The other students began asking questions, like “is it possible for enemies to become friends? “ There were many viewpoints about the boy’s picture. The class submitted the picture for a drawing contest because the picture was so interesting and different. We all have different viewpoints, and it is important to listen to everyone and try to look at the world through their eyes.
A cool kid - like me! A cool kid - like me!
Зохиолч ба зураач - Hans Wilhelm   Орчуулагчид - Hans Wilhelm~Úrsula Heckel~Úrsula Heckel
Герман хэл - Итали хэл - Каталан - Орос хэл - Португали хэл - Спани хэл - Франц хэл
A young boy who is "cool" on the outside expresses some of his inner fears to his grandmother. No matter how “cool” some people are, they still have uncertainties about themselves. Unlike the other books, the main character appears cool and normal on the outside, but feels scared, uncertain, and different on the inside.
Финбо Финбо
Зохиолч ба зураач - Жанаки Соорияараччи
Англи хэл - Араб хэл - Герман хэл - Грек хэл - Еврей хэл - Индонези хэл - Македон хэл - Польш хэл - Португали хэл - Словени хэл - Спани хэл - Франц хэл - Харват хэл - Хятад хэл (уламжлалт)
Finbo the whale is sad because he cannot play hide and seek with his friends - he is too big to hide! His mother tells him not to be ashamed of his differences. Finbo and his friends soon learn to appreciate Finbo's size when they get into danger and Finbo saves the day. Although Finbo was not happy with the fact that he is different than everyone else, his difference helps him rescue his friends, and he is happy that he can help. The book also teaches the lesson that being brave does not mean running towards danger.
Little Carly Little Carly
Зохиолч ба зураач - Annegert Fuchshuber
Герман хэл
Karlinchen is looking for a new home. In the village the people want to bring her to a children's home, because she roams and begs. She comes to the stone-biters. They don't want her, because she can't eat stones. She comes to the waxwing-people, but they don't want her because she has no waxwing. She reaches a beautiful treehouse that is exhibited on page 25. It is important to accept others even if they are different.
Little Fluff and his brothers Little Fluff and his brothers
Зохиогч - Daniel Barradas   Номын зураач - Carla Pott
Португали хэл
This is the story of a little pink fluff that was born in the navel of a girl. Unlike the others, that turned grey with time, this little fluff never lost its color. He felt lonely because he was different. Then one day, the vacuum cleaner cleaned the house and inside it the balls of fluff regained their colors. The little pink fluff felt lonely when he was different than the other fluffs and became happy when all the other fluffs changed to be like him. Unlike the characters in the other books in the exhibition, the little pink fluff is not happy until all of the other characters are like him.
Magnificent Benito and his two front teeth = Ang dakilang si Benito at ang dalawang ngipin niya sa harap Magnificent Benito and his two front teeth = Ang dakilang si Benito at ang dalawang ngipin niya sa harap
Зохиолчид - Augie Rivera~Mike Rivera   Номын зураач - Jason Moss   Орчуулагч - Dencel Limbo-Aquino
Англи хэл - Филиппин хэл / Тагалог
Poor Benito was born with the largest set of two front teeth! He was teased because of his teeth by everyone he met. They were so big that Benito pities himself and wanted them removed. He tried and he tried, but the teeth would not come out. Eventually, Benito finds that although his teeth are different than everyone else’s, they are actually a gift. Benito did not like how different his teeth were at first, but later prides himself on how beneficial and unique the teeth are in the end.
Mama and Papa have a store Mama and Papa have a store
Зохиолч ба зураач - Amelia Lau Carling
Англи хэл
On an average day in her parents' store in Guatemala City, a Chinese girl watches shoppers buy goods, listens to stories about China during lunch, and plays with her brothers and sisters in their home behind the store. Although she is Chinese she is growing up in Central America where she is surrounded by Mayan, Spanish, and Chinese traditions. This book was selected because it demonstrates the way that interactions with people from different cultures can enrich our lives.
My father makes me feel embarrassed My father makes me feel embarrassed
Зохиогч - Meir Shalev   Номын зураач - Yosi Abulafia
Еврей хэл
Ephraim's mother is a news reporter and his father does all the housework. Ephraim feels ashamed of his dad, who behaves differently from all the other fathers. One day the teacher organizes a cake competition, so Ephraim feels especially embarrassed when his father stands with his cake together with all the mothers. But then his father's cake turns out to be a big surprise! Sometimes being different can lead to wonderful surprises. Because this book is in Hebrew, the pages read from right to left.
Sandosenang kuya = A dozen brothers Sandosenang kuya = A dozen brothers
Зохиогч - Russell Molina   Номын зураач - Hubert Fucio   Орчуулагч - Allan Popa
Англи хэл - Филиппин хэл / Тагалог
A boy has twelve older brothers - all of whom look different from one another! He lives in an orphanage so his family may be unusal, but they are very happy. The brothers are not brothers by birth and the family celebrates their differences. They realize that it is okay to be different from one another as long as they are happy.
The song village The song village
Зохиогч - Mohammad Reza Yousefi   Номын зураач - Mohammad Mahallati
Перс хэл
Everyone would sing in the Song Village when they worked in the fields. But Wolf-Ali who had lived with wolves sang like a wolf and attracted wolves to the village. The elders decided to feed Wolf-Ali all the time so that he would forget to sing. Love-Ali attended Wolf-Ali and sang sweet songs all the time. One night the wolves attacked the village but Wolf-Ali sang a strange sweet song and scared the wolves away. Wolf-Ali’s difference helped defend the Song Village’s people from the wolves, even though the village’s people shunned the difference. The book reads from the right to the left because it is written in Persian/Farsi.
The teacher and the painter The teacher and the painter
Зохиогч - Ali Asghar Seyd Abadi   Номын зураач - Ali Reza Goldouzian
Перс хэл
Ghazaleh painted a strange painting. She painted a bird that did not look like a real bird, a sun that did not look like a real sun, and a house that did not look like a real house. Her teacher did not like her painting but when a famous painter looked at it, he said it was excellent. Just because her painting was different, did not mean that it was wrong. Because her painting was different, a famous painter applauded it as real art. The illustrations throughout the book are unique, just like Ghazaleh’s paintings. The book reads from the right to the left because it is written in Persian/Farsi.

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