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Clearing the Hurdle! Clearing the Hurdle!
Creador(es) de la exposición - Jaime Moore
Everyone encounters obstacles throughout life. Obstacles come in many forms. Sometimes it is necessary to overcome fears or physical disabilities. Other times we must overcome challenges that are not of our own making. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome obstacles. We can keep trying despite the problems to reach a goal. We can stand up for ourselves and act with integrity. We can protect or rescue others who may be in danger. We can use knowledge from past experiences to overcome a problem. This exhibition features books that describe how characters triumph over the problems they encounter.

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? = Porqué mamá llega tarde?Humpty Dumpty de DenslowUn zorro engañadoLa silla magico de TitoyLas asombrosas aventuras de EquianoTyrone the horribleSeremos otra vez amigos!

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Las asombrosas aventuras de Equiano Las asombrosas aventuras de Equiano
Autor e Ilustrador - Jean-Jacques Vayssières
Francés - Inglés
A young African boy of the Ibo tribe is captured by the Africans and then captured by the whites. This adventure story describes how Equiano’s faced the challenge of slavery to becoming a free man. Sometimes hardships are brought on by others, and they can be overcome by the arrival of others in one’s life. Equiano overcomes the struggles of being a slave and his effort to become a free man were based on luck, adaptability, and perseverance. The books gives a representation of many cultures as it follows Equiano from Africa to the West Indies to Virginia to England back to the West Indies to sailing around the world.
La silla magico de Titoy La silla magico de Titoy
Autor - Russell Molina   Ilustrador - Marcus Nada   Traductor - Ani Rosa S. Almario
Filipino / Tagalog - Inglés
Here comes Titoy's Magical Chair! Watch it turn into a car, an airplane, or a train. Travel with it and find out how a boy overcame his disability with the help of his playful imagination. Creativity and imagination are some of the powerful ways to deal with a challenging situation. Titoy does not have legs, so he must use a wheel chair to get around. Although he may not have many friends because he appears different from the other children in his neighborhood, he overcomes his situation by using his imagination and playing with the friend he has.
Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? = Porqué mamá llega tarde? Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? = Porqué mamá llega tarde?
Autor - Kristine Canon   Ilustrador - Mariano Ching
Filipino / Tagalog - Inglés
A girl becomes scared and sad when her mother is late to pick her up from school. The girl refuses to let fear overcome her and uses her wild imagination to think of whimsical situations like riding on the back of a turtle or flying with an eagle that may explain her mothers' tardiness. After imagining these scenarios, the girl gives up and begins to cry. Unlike the other books, the main character does not fully overcome the situation, and her fear does not fully subside until her mother picks her up. However, she is able to use her imagination to temporarily overcome her fear.
Un zorro engañado Un zorro engañado
Autor - Zabri Zakaria   Ilustrador - Rosli Hamid
Malayo (Jawi)
A rooster and a dog were friends. One day, they were lost in a jungle and were attacked by a fox who tried to cheat them. If you look on pages 12 and 13, the fox looks friendly, but in reality he is a trickster. In the end, it was the fox who was fooled by the friends. The rooster and dog overcame their obstacle by using their sharp minds to think of a way to get out of the situation.
Humpty Dumpty de Denslow Humpty Dumpty de Denslow
Ilustrador - W. W. Denslow   Adaptador - W. W. Denslow
Chino (tradicional) - Español - Francés - Indonesio - Inglés - Italiano - Portugués - Rumano - Ruso
This is a story about Humpty Dumpty's son and how he avoids making the same mistakes his father made. His father fell off a wall, was cracked open, and no one was able to put him back together. With the advice and help of a hen and a farmer’s wife, the son overcomes the mistake his father made by taking precautions. He now travels around the world, without fear of breaking, and bringing joy to all he sees! Sometimes we can learn from mistakes from others in order to overcome a challenge.
Seremos otra vez amigos! Seremos otra vez amigos!
Autor e Ilustrador - Hans Wilhelm   Traductores - Hans Wilhelm~Úrsula Heckel
Alemán - Catalán - Español - Francés - Italiano - Japonés
A boy overcomes his anger and learns to forgive his sister for setting his pet turtle free. Anger is one of the many feelings that serve as barriers to our happiness. In order to overcome anger, we often need to “let things go” and accept things the way that they are.
Tyrone the horrible Tyrone the horrible
Autor e Ilustrador - Hans Wilhelm
Chino - Danish - Español - Francés (Canadá) - Francés (Francia) - Italiano - Japonés - Noruego - Portugués - Ruso - Sueco
Horrible Tyrone is a large, toothy dinosaur who plays pranks and bullies small Boland. He takes Boland’s sandwich everyday and beats up Boland. Boland tries to befriend Tyrone, but it does not work. Rather than submitting to Tyrone bullying, Boland keeps his integrity and comes up with a creative idea to deal with Tyrone.

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