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Everyone Needs Water and Water Needs Everyone Everyone Needs Water and Water Needs Everyone
Twórcy kolekcji - Roshin Mathew
Earth is our home. We share this planet with billions of people around the globe and so it is important to work together to take care of our natural resources. The air, the land, and the water must be conserved, protected, and valued. The focus of this exhibition is water and its importance to cultures and countries. The characters in these stories courageously defend the rivers, lakes, and oceans that face harm. They learn the importance of taking personal responsibility for the world around them and discover that every action has an effect. The heroes and heroines of these books understand that they are connected to the earth and the earth is connected to them. From the birds that fly above, to the humans who float on top, to the fish who swim within the Earth’s water, each species needs this natural resource. Water matters to every creature who calls the Earth home.

How Sammy went to Coral-landSon of ThunderThe birds who flew beyond timeWhy the ocean is salty and other questions about the oceansPeople of salmon and cedarThe EarthWish granting jewelThe emperor potato IVOur water

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The birds who flew beyond time The birds who flew beyond time
Autor - Anne Baring   Autor ilustracji - Thetis Blacker
This story is about a few courageous birds who hear the earth’s call for help. It teaches us the importance of taking action, making sacrifices, and being brave for a greater good. They must fly through seven terrible valleys, overcoming the monsters that live in each valley, until they find the Great Being who is the life of all life. Then they must bring back to Earth the message they are given. Full of fear but encouraged by their guide, the Hoopoe, the birds set out on a journey that is ours as well as theirs - a journey that transforms the destructive elements of the soul and frees it to act on behalf of life.
The Earth The Earth
Autor - Mahdokht Kashkouli   Autor ilustracji - Zhila Hodaee
Perski / Farsi
This is the story of why the Earth and its creatures love each other. It was selected because it shows us how we are all connected to the earth and how the earth is connected to us. Humans and all the creatures of the earth are all linked. The idea of interconnectivity and interdependence are brought up in this book, and young readers understand that no one exists in an individual vacuum. The way we act Earth affects the Earth directly.
The emperor potato IV The emperor potato IV
Autor - Mohammad Mohammadi   Autorzy ilustracji - Hormoz Riyaahi~Hooman Mortazavi
Perski / Farsi
This book was chosen because it describes a possible environmental disaster caused by dumping waste on the riverbanks and invading pests destroying crops. This book demonstrates the importance of thinking about the future consequences of every decision. Readers will understand that the earth’s resources are finite. There is not enough water to waste it by throwing pollutants into it. Even a minor action can have severe implications in the future, and the impact can be far reaching and lasting.
How Sammy went to Coral-land How Sammy went to Coral-land
Autor - Emily Paret Atwater
This is the story of a salmon named Sammy and his adventures in the ocean. This book tells the story of a fish who calls the ocean home. Young readers learn that all sorts of creatures depend on the ocean in order to live. This is a text heavy book for more advanced readers, but there are a few realistic images of aquatic life that any future biologist or sea creature lover will appreciate and enjoy. The story takes the reader to world that is often hard to explore alone, but with Sammy, the salmon, as the guide, readers will be introduced to a special world of underwater sea creatures.
Our water Our water
Autor i autor ilustracji - Carolyn Hayward
This book was chosen because the main element of these stories is water which is described as the source of life and the source of life's growth. This book is a collection of short stories where water plays a primary role in the characters lives. Water is given powerful characteristics and readers are encouraged to not take the role of water in their everyday lives for granted. The illustrations in this book are particularly beautiful, and readers will appreciate the stunning images of water working its magic in people’s lives.
People of salmon and cedar People of salmon and cedar
Autor - Ron Hirschi   Autor ilustracji - Deborah Cooper
In some cultures it is expected that humans will respect the Earth and it’s many natural resources while other cultures pay little to no respect to the Earth. This book describes how the Northwest Coast Indians hold on to their cultural traditions by respecting the salmon of their rivers and the cedar trees of their forests. This text helps us understand the culture of Northwest Coast Indians, especially the relationship with their majestic landscape. Readers may learn some valuable lessons from the Northwest Coast.
Son of Thunder Son of Thunder
Autor i autor ilustracji - Shirin Banisadr
Perski / Farsi
The son of Thunder gets information that a monster has captured the land of Tara and has put the lives of all creatures into danger by poisoning the water, so Thunder's son sets out to fight the monster. This book features a character who sees someone hurting the Earth and responds by taking action. The story demonstrates that apathy is not an option. We all have to care about each other. If people do not act on the Earth’s behalf, then who will? When an individual realizes their power to effect change, great things can happen.
Why the ocean is salty and other questions about the oceans Why the ocean is salty and other questions about the oceans
Autor - Anita Ganeri
This is an educational book for children to learn more about the oceans. Unlike other books in this exhibit, this is a nonfiction book that is packed full of information. The curious reader will appreciate all of the information about the Earth’s largest body of water. This is another book in the exhibition that contains big, bold, colorful pictures of ocean creatures and environments. These pictures will surely inspire even more questions about the oceans that surround us.
Wish granting jewel Wish granting jewel
Autor - L. Khishigdorj
This book was chosen because children are encouraged to think about the cherished water of the world. The story is set in a desert environment, so readers will learn what it is like for people who live in a place where water is scarce. If students live in a place where water is abundant, then this story may help them understand how desperate people can feel without water. Students should be encouraged to think about how their water usage would be different in they lived in the same environment as the characters. The book is actually a play that students can act out.

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