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Strong Women and Girls Help Make the World Go Round Strong Women and Girls Help Make the World Go Round
Twórcy kolekcji - Roshin Mathew
It is important to celebrate our heroes and heroines. We sometimes reward men for being independent, strong, and opinionated, but often women and girls who exhibit the same attributes are seen in a different light. The books in this exhibition feature girls and women from all over the world who are strong, smart, brave, and proud, and they are rewarded for demonstrating these attributes. The characters in these stories use cooperation, resourcefulness, and imagination to solve problems. They meet their challenges and find hope and strength in their situations. These books encourage young girls to be anything they want to be.

Kto ci zaśpiewa, Jsmino?Ptak, dziewczynka i jej oczyThe legend of wives' hairDlaczego moja mama sie spóźnia?Auntie, dear Auntie, kind DaddyAng pambihirang buhok ni Lola = Lola's extraordinary hairChoinkowy statek.The little girl and her brother

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Ang pambihirang buhok ni Lola = Lola's extraordinary hair Ang pambihirang buhok ni Lola = Lola's extraordinary hair
Autor - Rene Villanueva   Autor ilustracji - Ibarra Crisostomo   Tłumacz - Ani Rosa S. Almario
Angielski - Filipiński / Tagalski
The main character demonstrates that she has both extraordinary hair and extraordinary character and courage. Her hair so long it would take a whole day to wash and one week to dry! Can you imagine hair as long as one kilometer? Well Lola has hair that long and she uses it to help her village when a big problem strikes her community. Everyone appreciates Lola for being so resourceful, generous, and brave during a time of need.
Auntie, dear Auntie, kind Daddy Auntie, dear Auntie, kind Daddy
Autor - Mostafa Rahmandoust   Autor ilustracji - Ali Namvar
Perski / Farsi
A girl leaves home to escape her arranged marriage. Her story teaches the importance of listening to your heart and acting in your best interests. This is easier said than done because it is hard to tell someone something that they do not want to hear. It hurts to feel like you might be disappointing someone, but the greatest disappointment is failing to be true to yourself and your heart. The heroine in this story shows readers that listening to your inner voice is not always easy.
Dlaczego moja mama sie spóźnia? Dlaczego moja mama sie spóźnia?
Autor - Kristine Canon   Autor ilustracji - Mariano Ching
Angielski - Filipiński / Tagalski
A girl refuses to let fear overcome her when her mother is late to pick her up. Instead, her wild imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations like riding on the back of a turtle or flying with an eagle that may explain her mothers' tardiness. This story teaches the importance of being resourceful and brave even if you are afraid. The imagination is a powerful tool, and it can help anyone over come a scary or tough situation.
Ptak, dziewczynka i jej oczy Ptak, dziewczynka i jej oczy
Autor - Jamaloddin Akrami   Autor ilustracji - Mitra Abdollahi
Perski / Farsi
A little girl could guess the color of birds from their song. One day she heard a song that she had never heard before, and she went to investigate. This book shows the importance of being curious and being open to discovery. There is a lot to be gained through personal discovery. You learn deeply when you try to do things for yourself and constantly challenge yourself. This little girl demonstrates the joy of pushing herself to know and do more.
Choinkowy statek. Choinkowy statek.
Autor i autor ilustracji - Jeanette Winter
This is a story about a mother and her daughters teaming up to save the day. We see how women and girls can team up to get a job done. Cooperation, trust, and tradition are all important qualities that this story highlights. It’s great to know that this book is based on a true story, so they is no way to say that girls and women can’t do the same work that boy’s and men can do. The mother and daughters in this story take over the father’s tree chopping and shipping business after he dies. It’s hard work, but these strong ladies are up for the challenge.
The legend of wives' hair The legend of wives' hair
Autor i autor ilustracji - Bolomaa Baasansuren
This book tells the story of women working together to use their resources to fight a common enemy. The women in this story use their hair in a very creative way to save their village. One strong woman can do a lot, but a team of powerful men who cooperate together are a major force that can accomplish any goal that they put in front of themselves. Part of being strong is knowing how to work well with others.
The little girl and her brother The little girl and her brother
Autor - Gerardo Wipio   Autor ilustracji - Consuelo Amat y León   Twóca adaptacji - Lilly de Cueto
This is the story of how a little girl keeps her brother from the dangers of the jungle. We see how a young girl can be a dependable protector. Boys are not always the protectors in a scary place, like the jungle. Sometimes a little girl can take that role. This little girl keeps her brother safe from the dark, the water, strange animals, and she also manages to make sure he is fed. That is a lot for a little girl to do, but she loves her brother and believes in herself so she can do it.
Kto ci zaśpiewa, Jsmino? Kto ci zaśpiewa, Jsmino?
Autor - Sameh Aboushi   Autor ilustracji - Inas Hamad
This book tells the story of Yasmine’s family. Yasmine's mother announces that she is travelling abroad. Yasmine is upset by the news, but ultimately adapts to a home where the father supports the mother's travel, hangs the laundry, and participates in childcare. It demonstrates the multiple roles that men and women can have in family life. This story demonstrates how families must support each other for the whole group to feel secure, and people should feel free to contribute in the best way that they can.

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