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Forever Friendship Forever Friendship
Үзэсгэлэнг зохион байгуулагч - DeAnna Jackson-Stalnaker
Childhood is a time for laughing, learning, and playing with friends. Everyday all around the world children are meeting and making new friends. Forever Friendship is an exhibition that highlights the many important aspects of making friends and being a good friend. This exhibition is designed not only to promote friendship, but also to bring children from around the world together and to encourage friendships through the ICDL’s books and activities.

Bakkar and the little birdThe lion and the mouseAliou and JeanAxle the freeway catMe and my friendsФинбоTaming the taniwhaThe Bremen town musiciansI wouldn't tell a lieNever lonely againFriends are foreverChikah, the dog in the ghetto

ICDL-н номнууд | Үйл ажиллагаанууд | Үзэсгэлэнг зохион байгуулагчийн тухай
Aliou and Jean Aliou and Jean
Номын зураач - L.E. Bassène
Франц хэл
Aliou is a young Senegalese boy who enjoys exploring and playing with his friends. Aliou and his friends live in the outskirts of a city like many poor people around the world. Even though, they live in poverty, they find ways to have fun together. They play ball games, go to the market, read stories and embark on adventures through the city streets. An important part of friendship is having fun and playing games with each other. Friends should find common interest and explore these through games and activities.
Axle the freeway cat Axle the freeway cat
Зохиолч ба зураач - Thacher Hurd
Англи хэл
Axle was a lonely cat who had no friends and just a harmonica to keep him company. Then one day a little cat’s car breaks down on the freeway and Axle comes to her rescue. The two become friends and Axle is not longer lonely. Axle’s tale shows readers that often the best way to make new friends is to help others. When we help others we meet new people and meeting new people is the first step in making new friends.
Bakkar and the little bird Bakkar and the little bird
Зохиогч - Amr Samir Atef   Номын зураач - Nevine El Gabalawy
Араб хэл
After drawing a picture for his school’s competition, Bakkar helps a little bird recover its baby. Soon after the wind blows Bakkar's drawing away and he walks to school feeling very sad. The little bird finds the drawing and returns it to Bakker. Bakkar wins the competition and makes a new friend. This story teaches us that when we help other we create a circle of caring. This circle often leads to new and lasting friendships.
The Bremen town musicians The Bremen town musicians
Зохиолч ба зураач - Hans Wilhelm   Хянан тохиолдуулсан - Úrsula Heckel
Герман хэл - Франц хэл
Four animals who were cast aside by their masters decide to join each other and journey to the town of Bremen to become musicians. Along the way they work together to scare some robbers and eventually find a home. The four animals learn that when they worked as a team they are able to accomplish great things. This book also deals with acceptance, even thought these animals are no longer accepted by their masters, they find acceptance with each other. An important part of life long friendships is the ability of friends to accept each other as they are.
Chikah, the dog in the ghetto Chikah, the dog in the ghetto
Зохиогч - Batsheva Degan   Номын зураач - Avi Katz
Еврей хэл
Mikhash is forced to give up his beloved pet dog, Chikah when his family goes in hiding from the Nazis. His neighbor friend, a little Christian girl, agrees to watch Chikah while he is away. Often in times of great turmoil and war, friends are forced to part ways. This story shows that even though they may separate true friendship will remain. Friendship does not always come from a peer many times a pet can be a great friend to a child. Caring for and loving a pet helps teach children responsibility and creates an appreciation for all living things.
Финбо Финбо
Зохиолч ба зураач - Жанаки Соорияараччи
Англи хэл - Араб хэл - Герман хэл - Грек хэл - Еврей хэл - Индонези хэл - Македон хэл - Польш хэл - Португали хэл - Словени хэл - Спани хэл - Франц хэл - Харват хэл - Хятад хэл (уламжлалт)
Finbo the whale is bigger than all his fish friends. They tease him over his size and he becomes ashamed of being different. Later when his friends are in danger Finbo comes and saves the day. Finbo is able to forgive his friends for teasing him and come to their rescue in their time of need. His willingness to help his friends even after they tease him proves he is a true friend. It also teaches his friends that everyone is different for a reason and that accepting your differences is a step towards life long friendship.
Friends are forever Friends are forever
Зохиолч ба зураач - Hans Wilhelm   Орчуулагчид - Hans Wilhelm~Úrsula Heckel
Герман хэл - Голланд хэл - Франц хэл
Bobby and Willi are a pair of unlikely best friends. They spend their summer together in fun-filled adventure. Summer soon comes to an end and Bobby learns Willi will be flying south for the winter. Bobby must learn to deal with his sadness over his best friend leaving. Spring returns and the two are reunited and continue their adventures. Bobby learns the best way to deal with missing a friend is to find an activity to occupy your time. The story also shows that even though friends may sometimes have to part, true friendship will remain no matter what the distance.
I wouldn't tell a lie I wouldn't tell a lie
Зохиолч ба зураач - Hans Wilhelm
Англи хэл - Герман хэл - Дани хэл - Итали хэл - Португали хэл - Румын - Спани хэл - Финлянд хэл - Франц хэл - Хятад хэл (хялбаржуулсан)
Fritz and Monty are great friends until Monty accidently breaks Fritz’s new birthday watch. At first Monty lies about breaking the watch but the guilt is too much for him and he finally tells Fritz the truth. Fritz is very mad at Monty for lying and breaking his watch and tells him he no longer wants to be friends. After he cools off Fritz realizes that he must forgive Monty and they both learn being a good friend means telling the truth and learning to forgive.
Me and my friends Me and my friends
Зохиогч - Farideh Khalatbaree   Номын зураач - Ali Mafakheri
Перс хэл
An Iranian child makes new friends by communicating with other children from around the world through the Internet. Through his chats he learns about other nations and cultures. He finds that friends can often be found in non-traditional places. Many times it only takes a click of a mouse to meet a new and interesting friend. Establishing a way for children to communicate with children of different nations and cultures is a great way to teach them tolerance and appreciation for those who are different from them.
Never lonely again Never lonely again
Зохиолч ба зураач - Hans Wilhelm
Англи хэл - Герман хэл - Голланд хэл - Итали хэл - Орос хэл - Словени хэл - Спани хэл - Финлянд хэл - Франц хэл - Швед хэл
Robert the squirrel was lonely and had no friends until he meets Freddy the otter. Freddy teaches Robert that friends can be found everywhere. Robert learns that the best way to make friends is to get out and experience the world around him. Children can not make friends if they are isolated from others. They need to join clubs and participate in outside activities. Getting involved and experiencing the world around them, like Robert does, is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
Taming the taniwha Taming the taniwha
Зохиогч - Tim Tipene   Номын зураач - Henry Campbell
Англи хэл - Маори хэл
Tama learns to deal with a school bully or the “taniwaha” with the help and support of his family. Some children have a difficult time communicating and interacting with their peers and as a result become bullies. Tama learns to deal with the “taniwha” at his school by offering him his friendship. He learns that all the “taniwha” really wanted was a friend and once they become friends he is no longer a “taniwha”. Sometimes the best way to deal with difficult people is to show them kindness and offer your friendship.
The lion and the mouse The lion and the mouse
Зохиогч - André Koogan Breitman
Португали хэл
When a lion decides to let a mouse escape his clutches, the mouse promises the lion he will return the favor at a later time. The lion thinks this is funny because the mouse is so tiny. Later when the lion gets trapped in a hunter’s net, the mouse comes to the rescue by gnawing through the net. Helping others is a great way to meet and make new friends. When we help others we make a connection that can lead to life long friendships as it did with the lion and the mouse.

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