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Seasons of Change Seasons of Change
Exhibition Creator(s) - DeAnna Jackson-Stalnaker
When children think of seasons, they often think of colors -- the white of snow in winter, the pink of flowers in spring, the green of trees in summer, and the red and orange leaves of autumn. What they might not know is that the color and weather of seasons is experienced differently all over the world. While many areas experience four distinct seasons, others only have two or in some cases only one season. The books chosen for this exhibition highlight the different characteristics of seasons through their texts and illustrations.

All Love and four brothersBrave little JuanSeya's songI found my white rabbit in springLeavesAutumnalsUncle Spring and Auntie WinterThe colours of spring

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All Love and four brothers All Love and four brothers
Author - Mostafa Rahmandoust   Illustrator - Lisa Jamileh Barjesteh
Persian / Farsi
The maid All-Love was well-loved by all that knew her. Her mistress was jealous of this and asked her to complete impossible tasks. If All-Love failed at the tasks she would be thrown out of the house. Four brothers who represent the four seasons take pity on All Love and help her in her tasks. In this Iranian tale the characteristics and changes of the seasons are shown through the book’s colorful illustrations. All Love’s adventures allow the readers to experience the changing of the seasons through her eyes.
Autumnals Autumnals
Author - Mostafa Rahmandoust   Illustrator - Bahram Khaef
Persian / Farsi
A collection of autumn poems that describe the rich colors and climate of the season. Leaves of orange and red are falling and the wind is cool and refreshing. All readers can enjoy these poems whether they are young or old. The illustrations in this book of poems capture the colors and textures of an Iranian autumn. The combination of poems and illustration create a feeling of taking a long walk on a cool autumn day.
Brave little Juan Brave little Juan
Author - Carlota Flores Scaramutti de Naveda   Illustrators - Elke McDonald~Hilda López
Juan is a Peruvian boy who loves nature. He enjoys taking walks and exploring the highlands in which he lives. On one of his walks in the mountains it starts to rain. He becomes completely wet but he understands that rain is important for our earth. Even though this book is not necessarily about seasons it shows characteristics of the rainy season in the highlands of Peru. Many areas closer to the equator have only two seasons one that is dry and one that is wet. Readers are able to experience what one of these wet seasons may be like.
The colours of spring The colours of spring
Author - Mohammad Reza Yusefi   Illustrator - Vida Lashgari Farhadi
Persian / Farsi
Spring has arrived but there is no colour! A little girl and some birds must work together to restore the beautiful colors of spring back to the flowers and trees. Readers are able to see the changing seasons between winter and spring through the eyes of a young Iranian girl. Winter is shown in black and white and slowly colour is added to each page showing the change from dreary winter to colourful spring.
I found my white rabbit in spring I found my white rabbit in spring
Author - Ahmad Reza Ahmadi   Illustrator - Nafiseh Reyaahi   Editor - Naader Ebraahemi
Persian / Farsi
The wonder of each season is revealed to a joyful Iranian child who enjoys playing in the natural world. The beautiful illustrations allow the readers to see each season through the child’s eyes. Summer is full of green trees and juicy green apples. While autumn is full of colorful red, yellow and orange trees and ripe red apples. Winter brings snow and lonely bare trees. The book ends with the arrival of spring and the cycle of the seasons begins again.
Leaves Leaves
Author - Mehdi Mo'eeni
Persian / Farsi
A variety of autumn leaves are used to create patterns depicting an owl, a turtle, a peacock and more. This fun and creative book gives readers examples of how nature can be used to create art. It reminds us that the most vivid colors and greatest beauty comes form the world around us. It will inspire readers to take a nature walk and collect items from their surroundings to create new and interesting pieces of art.
Seya's song Seya's song
Author - Ron Hirschi   Illustrator - Constance R. Bergum
Using some traditional Clallam words, a young Native American describes the natural surroundings and activities of the state of Washington’s Clallam, or S'Klallam, people through the seasons of the year. The illustrator uses colorful and vivid images to depict the changing of each season. The four seasons experienced by the Clallam people each hold a different but essential role in their lives. Readers are able to see the importance of each season and how they change the way the Clallam people must live their lives.
Uncle Spring and Auntie Winter Uncle Spring and Auntie Winter
Author - Mostafa Rahmandoust   Illustrator - Sara Iravani
Persian / Farsi
The season of winter and spring are personified in this Persian tale of the changing of winter into spring. Auntie Winter prepares her house for the arrival of Uncle Spring. However, they never get to meet because she falls asleep before he arrives and Uncle Spring is already gone when she awakens. The illustrations depict the colors and characteristics of each season. This tale explains the changing of seasons and how each season must have its own time.

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