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Selecting a Book Reader
There are four readers you can use to read books: the Standard Reader, the ClearText Reader, the Comic Reader, and the Spiral Reader. The Standard Reader and the ClearText Reader can be used with any browser. The other readers require that you install a plugin on your web browser. Below is a matrix that describes the benefits and requirements of each of the readers.
Reader Example Internet Speed Plugin Required Benefits
Standard Reader
Standard Reader Example Any None Works on any browser, no plugin required. Includes PopoutText feature for some books which allows users to magnify just the text portion of a book page.
ClearText Reader
ClearText Reader Example Any None Shows text in place, and supports zooming of text. Can be used to display text translations. Works on any browser, no plugin required.
Comic Reader
Comic Reader Example High Speed Java Webstart Plugin Overview of all pages, zooming interface.
Spiral Reader
Spiral Reader Example High Speed Java Webstart Plugin Fun for all ages, zooming interface.

Installing Plugins
Java Webstart Plugin - For Comic and Spiral Readers
Java Webstart is a plugin that you can install that allows you to view books in the Comic and Spiral readers. Macintosh OSX users should already have this plugin installed. To install the plugin for Windows and UNIX operating systems, download it for free from the
Java website. Follow the instructions for your operating system.

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