White Ravens: Landlocked

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Great Britain (English) - 2000 - 51
Johnson, Catherine
Llandysul: Pont Books/Gomer Press, 1999. 115 p.
ISBN 1-85902-664-8
Family life - Romantic love - Disappointment
A novel about a boy's first, disappointing love relationship is a rare thing. The emotional impact of Iestyn's first sexual encounter with an older girl who is his sister's best friend is strong and painful. When he realizes that she only played around with him on a whim, on a dare, he is completely shattered. The author succeeds in giving a convincing portrait of an adolescent boy at a decisive time of life, depicting his confused feelings over this first failed relationship and his gradual recovery, against the backdrop of an uncertain and undecided future. The language and local scenery depict a believable working-class family in modernday Wales. (14+)