White Ravens: Pescetti

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Special Mention - Argentina (Spanish) - 2005 - 153
Pescetti, Luis María (text)
O’Kif (illus.)
Nadie te creería
(No-one would believe you)
Buenos Aires : Alfaguara, 2004. 175 p.
(Próxima parada : Desde 10 años)
ISBN 950-511-925-9
Child – Everyday life – Short story – Nonsense literature
Luis Maria Pescetti, who is one of the most famous authors of Argentinean children’s literature, presents a splendid collection of 45 texts that hint at the author’s other passions: acting and making music. Many of the short stories, dialogues, and poems start off with an ordinary everyday situation that quite suddenly (or fairly slowly) takes an unexpected and absurd turn. In the first tale, for example, a mother speaks to her child’s teacher and spontaneously decides to swap her son for one of his classmates, as if this were nothing out of the ordinary. And the book continues with equally crazy twists, story after story. In a brilliant way, Pescetti does not only make his readers laugh out loud; he also manages to disturb them and make them think. Not even the language itself – words, sounds, or meanings – are safe from the explosive power of his imagination. This magnificent book also perfectly lends itself to reading aloud. (10+)

Argentina (Spanish) - 2001 - 164
Pescetti, Luis María (text)
O'Kif (illus.)
(<Proper name>)
Buenos Aires : Alfaguara, 2000. 203 p.
ISBN 950-511-596-2
Boy - Everyday life - School - First love - Self-confidence
Frin, whose strong dislike for his sports teacher is the only special thing about him, is not happy with his low profile existence. He struggles with a minority complex and suffers from jealousy, because he has fallen in love with his school-mate Alma, who seems to like another boy better. Only some positive experiences, entirely new to him – a good friend, the first kiss, a successful appearance on television – gradually provide Frin with the self-confidence he lacked for so long. The realistic, humorous and thoughtful story relates the life of an unspectacular hero with a good deal of sympathy. (10+)

Special Mention - Argentina (Spanish) - 1998 - 162
Pescetti, Luis María (text)
O'Kif (illus.)
Caperucita Roja (tal como se la contaron a Jorge)
(Little Red Riding Hood [as told to Jorge])
Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 1996. 30 p.
ISBN 950-511-269-6
Little Red Riding Hood/Parody - Storytelling - Reader response
In a simple and intelligent manner this book demonstrates how stories can be understood in a new and different way through the imaginations of the teller and listener. As a father tells his son the story of Little Red Riding Hood the reader of this book sees in the cartoon-bubble illustrations that quite different ideas are going through each one's mind. While the father thinks of tradional fairytale images, the boy - influenced by comics and cartoons - imagines a »modern-day«, actionfilled version. Since only the reader ever notices how their experiences differ, this very original picture book is all the funnier. (6+) ☼