White Ravens: Stolen Voices Ellen Dee Davidson

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Canada (English) - 2006 - 47
Davidson, Ellen Dee
Stolen voices
Montréal, Québec : Lobster Press, 2005. 188 p.
ISBN 1-897073-16-X
Conformity Outsider – Rebellion
15-year-old Miri lives in Noveskina, a conflict-free society, lead, protected, and suppressed by the Masker. Children become masked at the age of fifteen and have their energy taken away, leaving them apathetic and conformist. Miri runs away to the secret valley, where people have more freedom. There she discovers that she is able to see other people’s voices and sounds and can weave them into a harmonious pattern. The girl returns to Noveskina and, with the help of her new found gift and friends, she frees the city. This fast-paced and powerful science fiction novel examines a number of issues such as conformity and rebellion, mind control, the caste system, false appearances and self-expression, and compassionately portrays a teenager’s struggle to be heard. (14+)

Germany (German) - 2004 - 78
Lembcke, Marjaleena
In Afrika war er nie : Roman
(He has never been to Africa : a novel)
München [et al.] : Nagel & Kimche, 2003. 105 p.
ISBN 3-312-00938-3
Boy – Father – Missing the father – Motor bike – Waiting – Love – Return
One day, Juhani’s father drove away on his Harley Davidson and disappeared without a trace. The boy assumes he is in Africa. Six long years of waiting – and suddenly a Harley Davidson again appears in the village. But Juhani’s new search ends in disappointment: His father lived in the neighbouring village most of the time, has alcohol problems, and had to sell his motor bike because he was short of money. Nevertheless, for the boy a lot has changed in the past few years. A shy first love for an equally shy girl is more important now. Soberly and with a lot of wit, this story describes a boy’s difficult process of growing up in a provincial environment. (8+)

Special Mention - USA (English) - 2004 - 63
Potter, Ellen (text)
Reynolds, Peter H. (illus.)
Olivia Kidney
(<Proper name>)
New York : Philomel Books, 2003. 155 p.
ISBN 0-399-23850-6
Girl – Loneliness – Brother – Grief – Adventure
Another move, another flat, another anonymous apartment building, that’s certainly not what Olivia needs right now. Someone who shares her troubles and drives away her loneliness would be much more along her line. As she meets some of her weird new neighbours (a ghost, a would-be psychic, a former princess, etc.) she slides into the most bizarre adventures. Eventually, she even finds a way to break down the wall of sadness between her father and herself, which they had built English Language /USA German Language up after her beloved brother Christopher’s death. In this entertaining debut novel, Ellen Potter cleverly weaves real and imaginary elements together to create a hilarious yet touching story about an amiable heroine and an unlikely bunch of characters. (10+)

Australia (English) - 1999 - 29
Moloney, James
St. Lucia: University of Queensland, 1998. 221 p.
ISBN 0-702-23082-0
Aborigines - Race relations - Friendship - Cultural identity - Family guilt - Stolen children - Growing up
This is the author's third book about members of a contemporary Aboriginal family. Gracey and her white friend, Angela, finish school and begin university together but soon follow different paths. Angela falls in love while Gracey's life becomes increasingly politicized and alienated from fellow white students. Angela's discovery of her family's involvement in a case of a stolen child weighs upon her relationship with Gracey. Moloney draws his characters with great perception and insight into their conflicts and inner turmoil. While the historical background is fascinating, the emotional involvement created by the narrative make this book as absorbing as its predecessors. (14+)

Ukraine (Ukrainian) - 2005 - 216
Jerko, Vladyslav (illus.)
Fysjuk, Ihor’ (transl.)
Kazky tumannogo Al’bionu : brytans’ki rycars’ki kazky
(Tales from foggy Albion : Celtic legends of chivalry)
Kyiv : Ababahalamaha, 2004. 22 p.
ISBN 966-7047-37-7
This collection in picture book style contains the retellings of an English legend and two Scottish ones: »Young Roland« rescues his sister Ellen who was taken prisoner by the king of the elves. In »The Children of the Knight of Ailp«, druids put a spell on King Ailp’s children from which they are released only after long-lasting adventures. The third tale relates how Earl Gregory is bewitched by the »Elf Knight« but finally saved by a friend and a few gnomes. Like the well-known Russian illustrator Gennadij Spirin, Vladyslav Jerko adopts elements from miniature painting of the late Gothic period and the Renaissance thus creating a powerful sense of depth. In his full-page pictures, the artist plays with detailed traditional patterns, while the people depicted clearly have modern faces. (8+)

Special Mention - Norway (Norwegian) - 1996 - 200
Halstvedt, Tor (text)
Hansen, Thore (illus.)
(The river thief)
Oslo: J. W. Cappelen, [1995]. 152 p.
Tramp - Transformation - Adventure travels
Kåre, the stutterer, and Johan are absolutely bored to death. But not for long, because they soon are captured by a tramp and turned first of all into fish. They have to wander around the world searching for a stolen river before they finally arrive home again safely. This is an adventure story, amusingly told, illustrated with comical cartoon illustrations that take all the trouble out of reading. (10+)

Canada (French) - 1996 - 177
Olscamp, Marcel (ed.)
Merola, Caroline (illus.)
Crinière au vent. Poésies du Canada francophone.
(Manes in the Wind. Poems of French-speaking Canada)
Ville LaSalle (Qc): Hurtubise, 1995. 88 p.
ISBN 2-89428-088-2
Fifty authors from the French-speaking population of Canada who are represented here with recent poems come from different backgrounds - Indians, immigrants and residents of different provinces. The particular charm of this collection lays in the diversity of the poetic voices. The short, lively texts are easily understandable and ideally suited to encouraging young adults to make their own ventures into the world of lyric and visual expression. (12+)

Special Mention - Finland (Finnish) - 1999 - 196
Levanto, Marjatta (text)
Vuori, Julia (illus.)
Nykytaide suurin piirtein
(All about modern art, sort of)
Helsinki: Otava, 1998. 80 p.
ISBN 951-1-15005-7
Modern art
This information book introduces the young reader to modern art through a chronological overview of the most important periods and major works of the modern art. The author and illustrator describe how an artist approaches, among other things, a human being, the world, harmony, dreams, thoughts, the past and memories. Their personal voices and well-chosen examples form an interesting dialogue on art. The illustrator Julia Vuori also contributes to the dialogue in a humorous way with her own fantastic animal illustrations. (10+)

USA (English) - 1993 - 74
Hirschfelder, Arlene B. (selected)
Singer, Beverly P. (selected)
Rising Voices. Writings of Young Native Americans
New York: Scribner's, 1992. 115 p.
ISBN 0-684-19207-1
Native Americans - poetry/USA/Native America
This collection of poems and essays written by Native American children and young adults gives an insight into the realities of their lives over the past hundred years. Their writings speak of issues that are central to members of an oppressed minority: identity, family and community, ritual and ceremony, education and history. This book is typical of many that were published in 1992 dealing with the experiences of ethnic minorities in the United States. (10+)

Ireland (English) - 2001 - 46
Wood, John
Finnegan's wind
Dublin : Wolfhound Press, 2000. 140 p.
ISBN 0-86327-831-0
Change - Growing-up - Pig - Travellers
Callum's family are travellers, pig-talkers, mousecallers and tricksters. When their reputation in one village gets too bad, they just pack up their caravan and move on. Young Callum wants to end the family's way of life forever and discovers that change is never as easy as it seems. This is not an easy novel exploring the nature of continuity and change of human existence: familiy traditions, growing up, leaving home, ageing and dying. As strong olifactory sensations mingle with the thoughts and shrill voices of pigs and mice to create a dense text rich in subtle metaphors, Callum listens for his own calling and successfully struggles to find his way. (12+)