White Ravens: ballesteros

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Spain (Spanish) - 2002 - 146
Ballesteros, Xosé (text/transl.)
Olmos, Roger (illus.)
Tío Lobo
(Uncle Wolf)
Pontevedra : Kalandraka, 2000. [36] p.
(Libros para soñar)
ISBN 84-8464-042-6
(Orig. text Galician)
Wolf – Little Red Riding Hood – Trick <fun> – Fear
This parody of Little Red Riding Hood drastically illustrates the risks of unbridled gluttony. The heroine, wearing a cap in the shape of a giant strawberry, has a sweet (but also rather vicious) tooth and raids »Uncle Wolf's« food basket while trying to outwit the old fellow by exchanging the goodies with donkey droppings and tepid water. A bad conscience and fear follow, but too late: In the dark of the night, the angry wolf comes down the chimney. The story's grotesque humour and its unrelentingly rising tension are congenially captured by the double-spread illustrations. They are funny, wild, vivid, and excessive. Rich colours, daring perspectives, and the play with light and shadow heighten the dynamic effect. (5+)