White Ravens: kostick

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Special Mention - Ireland (English) - 2006 - 46
Kostick, Conor
Dublin : O’Brien Press, 2004. 315 p.
ISBN 0-86278-877-3
Fantasy role-playing game Village community – Resistance – Suppression
On the planet of New Earth, people’s lives are determined by their success or failure in the roleplaying computer game »Epic«. Thus, prizes won, money earned (or stolen) in the game may win you a place at university or provide you with necessary goods, while being »killed« in a battle in Epic may result in the loss of all your possessions and the need to start at the bottom of society again. This is exactly the fate that Eric’s family faces, but the rebellious teenager desperately tries to find a way to fight the powerful committee of Central Allocations and escape their unfair treatment. In this intriguing debut novel, Conor Kostick, who was also the designer for the first ever live fantasy role-playing game, creates a fascinating futuristic world in which the majority of inhabitants lead a joyless hard life in poverty, while the ruling few accumulate their wealth. Criticism of this system as well as a plea for creativity and individuality are only some aspects hidden in this complex science fiction novel. (14+)