White Ravens: Basque

2 books      

Spain (Basque) - 2002 - 152
Landa, Mariasun (text)
Urberuaga, Emilio (illus.)
Elefante txori-bihotza
(An elephant with a bird's heart)
Bilbo : Anaya Haritza, 2001. 70 p.
(Liburu zopa ; 14)
ISBN 84-667-0625-9
Elephants – Teacher – Character – Individuality
A teacher sends a lively report to a friend about her experiences in Africa. Attracted by an advert in the paper »Elephant-News«, she now teaches a herd of jungle giants. Even though the project can hardly be said to be crowned by success, it nevertheless teaches the teacher a surprising lesson: At first sight, elephants may look alike; they are, however, endowed with highly individual characters: with tiger-, ant-, and monkey-hearts, or even, like the charming elephant lady Kikunga, with a bird's heart. The story, brimming with imagination and pleasant absurdity, is accompanied by watercoloured line-drawings that underscore the peculiar humour of the text. (6+)

Spain (Basque) - 2003 - 152
Zubizarreta, Patxi (text)
Kruz Igerabide, Juan (text)
Odriozola, Elena (illus.)
Paularen zazpi gauak
(Seven nights with Paula)
Sondika : Giltza-Edebé, 2002. 126 p.
(Tukan ; 35)
ISBN 84-8118-709-7
Hospital – Storytelling
Paula has to go to the hospital. During the seven nights of her stay there, the girl’s sick room turns into a popular meeting place where cooks, nurses, patients, and doctors come together to tell each other stories, adventures, and riddles. Every night, someone new joins the group: The stories, all centered around friendship, love, and companionship, are continued and complemented with new details. The authors have successfully combined the short stories and the narrative frame to create a very readable book. The readers will be delighted to join in the circle of unconventional storytellers in their unexpectedl setting. (9+)