White Ravens: Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1999 - 214
Dubočanin, Alija Hasagič (text)
Ibrahimpašič, Mirza (illus.)
Pas pismonoša
(The postdog)
Sarajevo: Sarajevo-Publishing, 1998. 23 p.
(Lastavica ; Slikovnice , 1)
ISBN 9958-21-057-6
Sarajevo/Civil war 1992-1995 - Everyday life - Dog - Postman
This picture book with almost fotorealistic illustrations depicts the horrors of war as experienced by Dina, a young girl in Sarajevo, a city engulfed in fear, loneliness, black-outs and grenade attacks. One night something scratches at the door. It is Jenny, the dog of Dina's aunt carrying a letter. Even though it contains not only good news, it brightens up the lives of Dina and her mother. But Jenny was injured on the way to Dina's house and finally dies from its wounds. In her nightmares, Dina often re-lives Jenny's journey through the war-torn night. This is the start of a new picture book series by the successor of the renowned Bosnian publishing house Veselin Masleša. (6+) ☆