White Ravens: Botswana

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Botswana (English) - 2005 - 21
Spitta, Molly (text)
Ille, Stefan (text)
Spitta, Sunhild (illus.)
The croc! : an Okavango adventure
Gaborone : Pyramid Publ., 2004. [36] p.
(Kalahari Adventure Series)
ISBN 99912-555-0-8
Crocodile – Boredom – Longing – Adventure – Magic – Transformation
This entertaining little picture book is part of the Kalahari Adventure Series, a collection of »delightful stories about life in Botswana«. Accompanied by bright watercolour illustrations of various sizes and a couple of small two-colour ink vignettes, the text relates the story of Croc, a tiny crocodile living in the Okavango river. Utterly bored by the monotonous life he is leading and appalled by an equally boring future ahead of him, the little fellow enlists the help of a powerful wizard. And help he receives: Even though a magical transformation into a talking hand puppet is not exactly what Croc had in mind, he is finally heading towards a truly promising adventure together with some newly-found human friends. (4+)

Botswana (English) - 2006 - 23
Seomeng, Judah (text)
Dunn, Annabel (illus.)
Dimo and the little bush doctor
Gaborone : Pyramid Publ., 2004. [24] p.
(Kalahari adventure series)
ISBN 99912-555-1-6
Giant Magic – Humans – Friendship – Trick – Threat
This picture book tells the story of a little boy who travels to some cattle post in the Kalahari Desert to learn about cattle. During his journey together with a young Dimo, one of the giant people with magical abilities who lived in Botswana in ancient times, clever little Iyapane manages to fend off several attacks by the cannibalistic giant and eventually outwits him and returns home safely. This traditional folk tale, based on an oral tale narrated by the author’s grandfather, Samuel Seomeng of Tlhabala, and accompanied by full page digital pictures, is part of the Kalahari Adventure Series. The picture books published in this series strive to present aspects of life and culture in Botswana to children and adults. (4+) ☆