White Ravens: Bulgaria

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Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 1994 - 20
Karalijčev, Angel (text)
Stanimirov, Petăr (illus.)
Bălgarski narodni prikazki
(Bulgarian Folktales)
Sofija: Vedrina, 1993. (2 vols.) 159 p.; 151 p.
ISBN 954-404-036-6; 954-404-037-4
Fairy Tale/Bulgarian
This is a collection of fairy tales, stories and anecdotes from the Bulgarian folk tradition, adapted by the important pioneer of the Bulgarian children's literature, Angel Karalijčev (1902-1972), in a rich and lyrical language. In the Bulgarian tradition, just as for the other Balkan peoples, fairy tales with magical themes do not have the same meaning as in middle European or even Russian regions. Much more frequent are the tales of the popular life in which magical elements, if present at all, do not play a central role. Particularly important are the stories of the Clever Peter ("Chităr Petăr"), the Bulgarian Eulenspiegel. Both of these volumes are illustrated with typical Bulgarian pictures in water color and with black-and-white graphics and ornamentation. (6+)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 1994 - 21
Karaslavova, Radostina (text)
Paunov, Viktor (illus.)
(The Thracians)
Sofija: Zemja, 1993. 32 p.
(Detska iljustrovana istorija na Bălgarija)
ISBN 954-8345-06-4
Bulgaria/History <1200 B.C.- 500 A.D.> - Thracians
In Bulgaria, books about the history and pre-history of that country have always been very important. This simply-produced (stapled), but attractive and informative information book, with numerous illustrations and graphic presentations, deals primarily essentially with the culture and civilization of the Thracian inhabitants once living in the territory of modern-day Bulgaria. Since there are few written sources, but only archeological remains, a large part of the book covers the material artifacts such as coins, jewelry, tools, weapons, cult and art objects. Furthermore, the author reports on the first state founded by the Thracian tribes, the settlement of the Black Sea coastal area by the Greeks and the conquest of the Thracian areas by Philipp II and Alexander the Great, who however were not able to subjugate the Thracians completely. (10+)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 1994 - 22
Pavlov, Konstantin (text)
Pavlova, Donka (illus.)
F'oni măti krăgli rečni kamăni : Tăžna prikazka
(F'oni Hatches Round River Stones: A Sad Tale)
Vraca: Budilnik, 1993. 24 p.
Fabulous Creature
This is an experimental, mythical picture book written in free verse about the bird F'oni, who sits on stones from which winged creatures are supposed to hatch and contemplates their fate. The realization that some of them will be evil, causes him to become sad, just as also the fact that the good ones will suffer a terrible fate. The symbolic, ornamental pictures underscore the mythical character of the book. (10+)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 1996 - 212
Gabe, Dora (text)
Lalev, Dimităr (illus.)
Boža majka : Knižka za dobri deca
(Mother of God: A book for Well-Behave Children)
Plovdiv: Žanet-45, 1995. 45 p.
ISBN 954-491-012-3
Bulgaria/Social customs - Christianity/Church calendar - Poetry
Dora Gabe (1888-1983) was one of the most popular Bulgarian children book's writers. Her works were widely read both between the two world wars and during the Socialist era. This volume of poems deals with religious subjects or have a religious background. The book is illustrated with spiritual images of a Bulgarian avant-garde artist. (6+)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 1999 - 215
Mirčev, Krasimir (text)
Paunov, Viktor (illus.)
Vampiri - Gunduraci - Zmej
(Vampires - Centaurs - Dragons)
Sofija: Panorama, 1998. 48 p.
ISBN 954-9655-02-4
Balkans - Ghost - Spirit
Ghosts may be found everywhere, but in popular beliefs in the Balkans there is an especially great diversity of such creatures which reside somewhere between this world and the next. This is a systematic account of good and evil spirits - from the good house dragon which sleeps under the doorstep and protects the house, to giants, dwarfs, dragons of various sizes and shapes, nixies, fairies, wind and weather spirits, werwolves, witches, centaurs, vampires and even frightening apparitions which are unknown in the western world. This book is richly illustrated with stunning pictures in mixed media. (10+) ☆

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 2000 - 207
Stareva, Lilija (ed.)
Bočkov, Plamen (ed.)
Djavol, zmej, orisnici, mag'osnici, samovili, vampiri
(Devil, dragon, fatal sisters, magicians, evil fairies, vampires)
Sofija: Lista, 1998. 143 p.
(Detska folklorna enciklopedija ; 2)
ISBN 954-8388-09-x
Folk tales/Bulgaria
This is the second of a two-volume encyclopedia. However, this work is not an encyclopedia in the traditional sense, but rather an anthology of Bulgarian folk tales organized by theme. It is gratifying to find interesting tales here that could not be found in other available anthologies. Both volumes have a modern design, but are still recognizably Bulgarian in origin. While the tales of this book deal with devils, dragons, evil fairies, and other literary figures, the first volume deals with astronomy, meteorology, animals and plants. (10+)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian) - 2000 - 208
Vesel, Anatol (text)
Vălkanov, Venelin (illus.)
Prikazki ot drevna Trakija
(Tales from ancient Thracia)
Veliko Tărnovo: AB Veliko Tărnovo, 1997. 26 p.
ISBN 954-427-268-2
Fairy tales/Thracia - Fairy tales/Bulgaria
The Thracians, an Indo-European people, lived primarily in the Balkan region from ancient times until the early Middle Ages. In the course of history, this people became assimilated along with the Turkic Proto-Bulgarians into the Slavic tribes which migrated into this region. There are nearly no written historical documents preserved from the Thracians, but some legends and tales were passed down orally by the Bulgarians. This volume offers six stories about the Thracian ruler Thamyris, who wandered through the country as a singing minstrel after he was defeated, dethroned and blinded by an invader. (10+)