White Ravens: Chile

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Chile (Spanish) - 1997 - 176
Morel, Alicia (text)
Gerber, Thomas (illus.)
La era del sueño
(The age of dreams)
Santiago de Chile: Dolmen Ed., 1995. 109 p.
ISBN 956-201-242-3
Fairy tales - Legends - Fantasy worlds
This information book introduces the world of fairies, trolls, dwarfs and giants. In various chapters the figures of legends, mythical tales and folktales, as well as literary fairy tales or the works of Shakespeare are presented. Furthermore, the reader becomes acquainted with legendary and magical places such as the famous islands such as Avalon, castles such as Camelot or distant worlds such as El Dorado. This book gives a glimpse of the nearly inmeasurable diversity of the topic; by moving across cultures and epoches and approaching the subject in thematic groups, it shows interesting lnks and parallels beteen creatures and places of different origins. (13+)

Chile (Spanish) - 1998 - 169
Morel, Alicia (text)
Gerber, Tomás (illus.)
Leyendas bajo la Cruz del Sur
(Legends below the Southern Cross)
Santiago de Chile: Ed. Andrés Bello, 1996. 86 p.
ISBN 956-13-1419-3
Latin America/Tales - Latin America/Legend
This anthology of fifteen tales draws upon the rich treasury of Indio myths and legends from Central and South America. A common characteristic is their habit of explaining natural phenomena through myths. For instance, we learn that in ancient times the legendary constellation Southern Cross was an ostrich and that the whale once lived on land, where he wreaked much havoc because of his size. Such tales, masterly and vividly rendered by the Chilean storyteller Alicia Morel, will be of special interest to readers from other cultural backgrounds. (9+) ☆

Chile (Spanish) - 1999 - 174
Balcells, Jacqueline (text)
Jullian, Andrés (illus.)
El Mar de las Maravillas
(The Sea of Marvels)
Santiago de Chile [et al.]: Bello, 1997. 172 p.
(Editorial Andrés Bello ; 158 : Nivel 3)
ISBN 956-13-1464-9
The author has located the »Sea of Marvels« in the Pacific Ocean - a magical piece of ocean consisting of archipelagos and individual islands. The seven stories in this volume revolve around just these places - which will be found on no map. The island Omega, for example, which is waiting to become uninhabited, so that it too, like its sisters before it, can sink back into the ocean; or the island that fell in love with a human being and gives expression to its (obviously not merely) human feeling in a quite unique »language«. In her stories, Jacqueline Balcells combines elements of fairy tales, legends, and myths with the phantastic to form mysterious tales that reflect upon basic human concerns. (11+)

Chile (Spanish) - 2001 - 171
Carvajal, Victor (text)
Urquiza, Carlos (illus.)
Sakanusoyin, cazador de Tierra del Fuego
(Sakanusoyin, hunter from Tierra del Fuego)
Santiago de Chile : Aguilar Chilena de Ed., 2000. 119 p.
(Alfaguara juvenil)
ISBN 956-239-115-9
Tierra del Fuego - Ona <people> (=Selknam) - Hunt - Love of nature
There is a growing awareness of the indigenous cultural heritage in Latin America. This book taking up old myths is set in Tierra del Fuego. The boy Sakanusoyin, excellent hunter, is the hope of his people which suffers from the depletion of Guanacos, their main source of nutrition. But because he regards the animals as his kin, he is faced with a dilemma. The wanderings through the forests together with Salisuyosin (a boy his age), are also a process of initiation. The calm tone of the story and the figurative language advocate the love of nature and introduce the reader to the traditions and myths of the no longer existing Selknam people. (11+) ☆
(Premio Consejo Nacional del Libro y de la Lectura)

Chile (Spanish) - 2002 - 166
Parra, Marco Antonio de la
El año de la ballena
(The year of the whale)
Santiago de Chile [et al.] : Alfaguara, 2001. 128 p.
(Serie roja)
ISBN 956-239-162-0
Family conflict – Parents – Child – Divorce – Coming of age – First love – Uncle – Friendship
Ismael has the impression of being shipwrecked: In the »year of the whale«, as he calls it, everything in and around him threatens to sink. His family breaks up. His mother is depressed, and he is estranged from his father who has fallen in love with another woman. Ismael finds an understanding friend in Uncle Juan, a non-conformist individualist and book-maniac, who initiates him to the world of books. His sister helps him confront the difficulties of the family and deal with the turmoil of growing up. With empathy and great earnestness, the first-person narrative describes the coming of age of an alert and sensitive adolescent, who reflects on a decisive year of his life. (14+)

Chile (Spanish) - 2006 - 162
Balcells, Jacqueline (text)
Cardemil, Carmen (illus.)
Simón y el carro de fuego
(Simón and the fire carriage)
Santiago : Ed. SM Chile, 2004. 240 p.
(El barco de vapor : Colección volantín; 3)
ISBN 956-264-263-1
Treasure Search – Time travel – Chile/1674 – Friendship
During a visit to the colonial museum at the Franciscan monastery in Santiago de Chile, twelve-year-old Simón looks at a painting and discovers a horse carriage, which looks exactly like the little wooden artefact left to him by his mother, who died in an accident together with his father. When he tries to solve the mystery of this so-called fire carriage, the boy goes on an exciting time travel adventure to 18th-century Chile and Peru. In this fast-paced, compelling novel, the author skilfully combines elements of historical novel and detective story and creates a number of convincing characters. Last but not least, this is also the story of two boys in today’s Chile, whose close and constant friendship overcomes huge social differences. (10+)