White Ravens: Flemish

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Belgium (Flemish) - 1994 - 198
Daele, Henri van
En appels aan de overkant
(And Apples on the Other Side)
Tielt: Lannoo, 1992. 396 p.
ISBN 90-209-1884-2
Belgium/History 1950s - Childhood Memories
This is latest installment of tales about the author's childhood in which he tells about the important stages in life, such as the first visit to a secondary school, one's first self-earned money, about being in love. Not an easy story, it assumes the reader knows something about the history of Eastern Flanders. The story itself exudes with the safe atmosphere of the late 1950s, a time of big changes. Modern times were beginning, television and jeams became important. This is beautiful and honest report of childhood, filled with hilarity - a boy's life told in small, often surprising and moving details. A plain but sparkling story for a small group of readers who are open to such tales. (14+)

Belgium (Flemish) - 1996 - 232
Dreesen, Jaak (text)
Mammie! Mammie!
(Mummy! Mummy!)
Averbode: Altiora, 1995. 47 p.
ISBN 90-317-1148-9
Illness - Death - Mother/Child
»Mummy, mummy,« cries a sick boy. The difficult themes of illness and dying are tackled in this simple, moving story. The narrative style is sober, and because of the many repetitions the text has a poetic rhythm. Feelings of tenderness and powerlessness are central to the story. Although the ending is open and optimistic, thoughts and dreams expressed in the story linger on in the reader's mind. The text is rather condensed and contains many streams of thought keeping the reader continually poised between dream and reality. (10+)