White Ravens: Frisian

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The Netherlands (Frisian) - 1994 - 202
Wassenaar, Jaitsche (text)
Laurens, Bontes (illus.)
It pak ffan ús heit
(My father's Suit)
Ljouwert: AFUK, 1993. 133 p.
ISBN 90 6273 476 6
Netherlands/History <1944-1948> - National Socialism - Collaboration
Eight-year old Jetske feels insecure at home and out on the streets, because her father is a member of the Dutch National Socialists Movements. She only feels safe in a little spot near the graveyard where she is able to escape from the cold world around her and indulge in her fantasies. The experiences of Jetske and her family over a period of several years after the Second World War and the family conflicts resulting in the father's insistence on maintaining his party membership are related here sympathetically and without dramatic climax. Subtle characterizations of the main characters, as well as Jetske's emotional conflicts are well developed. (10+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 1996 - 240
Pistra, Riemkje (text)
Tuinen, Marianne van (illus.)
Grutte Giele & Lytse Loer
(<Proper names>)
Ljouwert: Afûk, 1995. 24 p.
ISBN 90-6273-509-6
(Dutch ed.: Gele Gijs & Lange Loeres. Transl. Mariska Hammerstein. Houten: Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1995. ISBN 90-269-8798-6)
Cat/Dog - Home
A dog and a cat are no longer satisfied with their sleeping quarters at their young master's place. They set off in search of a new home but everywhere they go they are either shoved away or unhappy themselves. At last they return to their original home and fall asleep contentedly. The story (originally written in Frisian) is rendered in highly detailed paper collages. (6+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 1997 - 243
Tjerkstra, Willem (text)
Klazenga, Luuk (illus.)
De reizen fan Tsjam
(The voyages of Tsjam)
Ljouwert [= Leeuwarden]: Afûk, 1996. 42 p.
(Aksjeboek foar bern; 10)
ISBN 90-6273-524-X
Friesland/History - Imaginary journey
This is the first comic book in full color to originate in Friesland. The protagonist, Tsjam, is a special child, for he was born with a helmet on his head. With his one eye, he is able to spread confusion. He wants to go to the sea and ends up in different times, in ancient folk tales which have to do with the sea. With Bruno and Sakso he travels to the north of the Netherlands, where they each try to find their own territory. Again and again, with his magical eye, Tsjam influences the course of history. On each page, the true course of events is depicted along with history as it is changed by Tsjam. After all his adventures, Tsjam finally reaches his home again, safe and sound. This is a Children's Book Week »action book«, which in a simple fashion tries to promote the Frisian language by appealing to children's predilection for comic books and historical tales. (8+) ☆

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 1999 - 234
Weg, Jant van der (comp.)
Poiesz, Karin (illus.)
Fan hantsjeklap en sukerbak
(On clapping hands and pat-a-cake)
Leeuwarden: Afuk, 1998. 96 p.
ISBN 90-6273-553-3
Nursery rhymes/Frisian
In this beautifully designed book, the editor presents familiar and less familiar Frisian nursery rhymes in their original version. Some of the rhymes are provided with a simple musical notation. The illustrations interpret the rhymes in their own way. An introduction explains the arrangement of the rhymes in the book. The book is published as a jubilee edition in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation »It Fryske Berneboek«, which is devoted to promoting Frisian children's and youth literature. (0+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2002 - 231
Boer, Helena de [et al.] (text/illus.)
Trije protters op in prikje : [ferhaaltsjes foar pjutten en grutten]
(Three starlings on a sprig)
Ljouwert : Afûk, 2001. [28] p.
(Aksjeboek foar bern ; 15)
ISBN 90-6273-599-1
Everyday life
This fairytale-like stack story contains tales and poems for toddlers and pre-schoolers about simple events: stomping your boots in the rain, going for a swim with your dog, or a flowerpot falling on your dog's head. The stories and poems by different authors from Friesland give an impression of the rich children's literature of this part of Holland. The illustrations are also of Frisian origin and show a variety of different techniques in their use of colour and in the way they interpret the stories and poems. (4+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2003 - 224
Boer, Helena de (text/illus.)
In lytse poppe
(A little baby)
Ljouwert [Leeuwarden] : Afûk, 2002. [24] p.
ISBN 90-6273-603-3
Addition to the family
When some animals find a bird’s nest with little eggs in it, a discussion arises between the four friends about how animals are born. One of them says that young animals are being brought by the stork, the other says they grow up in a kale and another one believes all animals crawl out of an egg. During this discussion, they hear a rabbit calling for doctor Owl because her baby is being born. Now they know how animals are being born. This is an informative picture book about the Bear Baloe, who is well known by all children in Fryslân (Frisia). The colourful and somewhat cartoon- like illustrations complement the simple text very well. (4+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2003 - 225
Peanstra, Auck (text)
Poiesz, Karin (illus.)
Frjemde kluchten
(Odd farces)
Ljouwert [Leeuwarden] : Afûk, 2002. 87 p.
ISBN 90-6273-612-2
Everyday life
This book presents twenty humorous, familiar read-aloud-stories about the adventures of Jaap and his sister Femke. Femke puts jam in her hair because Jaap says it is gel. When mother catches them putting their fingers in the sugar bowl, they henceforth may only eat sweets. First that is fantastic, but at the end of the day it turns out badly. They paint the dog’s nails and Jaap tries to make toasted sandwiches with the iron. That is the way Jaap and Femke play unfamiliar tricks. These well set-up stories are perfect for reading aloud but also suitable to be read by children themselves because of the simple language and a clear typeface. The somewhat caricature-like illustrations suit the stories well. (7+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2004 - 225
Dykstra, Lida (text)
Grobler, Piet (illus.)
Mûske, myn famke
(Little Mouse, my girl)
[Ljouwert] : Bornmeer, 2003. [28] p.
ISBN 90-5615-068-5
A hermit with magical powers notices how an owl drops a little mouse. He catches the little animal in his cloak and exclaims that he wishes it was a girl. His wish comes true. Years later, the girl wants to marry the most powerful man on, above, or below the earth. Together they go and look for him, pass the sun, the cloud, and the mountain, and finally find the ideal husband: a mouse with whom she has many little children. This story, in which the same idea appears again and again, is based on a poem by the Friesian Renaissance poet Gysbert Japicx, whose 400birthday was celebrated in 2003. The author gives her own interpretation of the story and South African illustrator Piet Grobler’s cheerful pictures add an extra dimension to the story with their numerous details. (4+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2005 - 230
Wytsma, Baukje (text)
Heijde, Carla van der (illus.)
De poes mei de lange sturt
(The cat with the long tail)
Ljouwert : Afûk, 2004. 25 p.
ISBN 90-6273-647-5
Differentness – Friendship – Cat
Puss has an extremely long tail that causes her a lot of trouble. It makes it impossible for her to run around or to climb trees, and it is certainly very impractical when it comes to catching a mouse. The very worst, however, is that other animals tease her about it. She tries to get rid of her long tail – but in vain. Eventually, she uses gel to make it stand up straight. The other animals would love to do that too but cannot for want of a long tail. The illustrations in warm basic colours add a lot to the story. In the full-page picture at the end of the book, the readers can see how Puss helps all the other animals cross the street, using her tail as an orange flagpole. (3+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2006 - 229
Jong, Hanneke de (text)
Wynstra, Babs (illus.)
De betoverhoed
(The magic hat)
Easterein : Koperative Utjouwerij, 2005. 70 p.
(Aksjeboek foar bern; 19)
ISBN 90-6570-365-9
Hotel Witch
Mira and her parents move to a Spanish island where they want to run a hotel. When they arrive, however, it seems that the hotel is somehow bewitched: Whenever Mira’s family mentions the name of the hotel, all the islanders react strangely or seem to be terribly afraid. The girl sets out to find out the reason for this. Step by step, thanks to her curiosity and persistence and with the help of an old hat that she finds in the hotel, she unravels the mystery of the house. The well-composed story with its short sentences reads smoothly, while the suspense increases with every chapter. The grey pencil- and watercolour illustrations marvellously delineate the characters of the story and fit in well with the atmosphere of the text. (7+)

The Netherlands (Frisian) - 2007 - 226
Braaksma, Machiel (text/illus.)
Oeral binne bisten!
(There are animals everywhere!)
Ljouwert: Bornmeer, 2006. [82] p.
ISBN 978-90-5615-137-9
This imaginative picture book discovers both familiar and exotic animals in the most common objects and events. On the left-hand pages of the book, readers are given short texts about everyday-life situations, such as a dialogue between two pilots which ends with someone screaming because of a mosquito bite. On the right-hand pages, the author introduces various animals related to the text. In between the two pages, transparent sheets add a mysterious touch to the illustrations; in some cases it seems almost like looking through a keyhole. In addition, young readers will find information about the materials that the artist used to create his animals. Thus, they can try to craft their own zoo of wonderful creatures. (6+)