White Ravens: Gaelic

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Ireland (Gaelic) - 1996 - 248
Wynn, Gwyneth (text/illus.)
Micí Agus An Rí
(Micki and the King)
Dublin: An Gum, 1995. [26] p.
Dog - Curiosity - Runaway - Lion
Micky shares a house with Teddy. While Micky loves to watch television, Teddy doesn't approve. He prefers reading books. One day Micky sees a lion for the first time in his life - on television - and decides to go off to meet this king of the animal kingdom. His adventurous undertaking is wellrewarded, but he is happy to return home again to Teddy. This gentle, reassuring book is well-suited for reading aloud. The well-drawn pen-and-ink illustrations complement the simple storyline. (4+)