White Ravens: Greenland

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Special Mention - Greenland - 1995 - 147
Maqe, Elisa (reteller)
Rosing, Jens (illus.)
Tunumiit mersertini oqalittuaat
(East Greenlandic children's stories)
København: Atuakkiorfik, 1994. 75 p.
ISBN 87-558-1040-3
East Greenland/Short stories/Anthology
The lack of literature for Geenlanders and their children is often complained of in the Danish press. Only a few books are being published in Greenlandic, an Eskimo language, leaving the children of Greenland dependent upon books in Danish. Thus the efforts of a few publishing houses which take an interest in Greenland's children's literature are to be commended. Even the dialect of East Greenlandic is given a place in this collection of folk tales for children. Because it is hardly spoken anymore, these eight tales, retellings of old fairy-tale like traditional stories, are also printed in West Greenlandic, Danish and English. Knowledge of the dialect had nearly disappeared; the only one able to pass down the dialect today is the farmer Elisa Maqe, born in 1916 and granddaughter of a shaman. The realistic, slightly grotesque illustrations by a Greenland artist retain the authentic landscape of these fairy tale-like episodes. (6-10) ☆

Special Mention - Greenland - 1995 - 148
Jacobsen, Miki (reteller)
Olsen, Rosing (illus.)
(<Proper name>)
København: Atuakkiorfik, 1994. 36 p.
ISBN 87-558-0953-7
Fairy tales/Greenland
Already made known to the German- speaking reader in an anthology by Lisa Tetzner, the grotesque tale of the poor ugly orphan boy Kaassassuk, who is teased by his playmates, but helps his foster parents by way of his extraordinary strength is available here in the original version. The naive realistic illustrations of the Greenland artist give an impressive portrayal of the scenes of the tale set in an authentic, pre- industrial Greenland. (6-10)

Greenland (Danish/Inuit) - 2000 - 194
Heilmann, Pia Rosing (text)
Kreutzmann, Nina Spore (illus.)
Nuka asimi = Nukas sommer
(Nuka's summer)
[Nuuk]: Atuakkiorfik, 1998. 36 p.
(Text Inuit and Danish)
ISBN 87-558-1376-3
Greenland - Summer holiday
The summer holiday of an extended family living in Greenland is a vivid description for younger children. In easy words and pictures one learns that holiday time on the northern outskirts of Europe, with its fishery and seal-hunting, with smoke-drying, storytelling and nature experiences in thick pullovers, is considerably different than a holiday in over-filled camping areas in central Europe. (6+) ☼

Greenland (Danish/Inuit) - 2001 - 197
Kløvedal Helweg, Pernille (text/illus.)
Dahl Petrussen, Aminnguaq (transl.)
Sofie & Pullaq
(<Proper names>)
[Nuuk] : Atuakkiorfik, 2000. 27 p.
(Text Danish and Inuit)
ISBN 87-558-1571-5
Greenland - Sealing - Eating habits
Little Danish Sofie experiences how different the customs are in Greenland. Pullaq shoots a seal, which he and his brother Rasmus gut. Sophie disdains the raw liver while the other children are happily pushing it into their blood-stained mouths. Watching Rasmus screwing out one of the seal's eyes, slicing it and sucking its liquid, she has definitely had enough. When the children chase away the sweet puppies, so that they won't steal their meal, Sophie finally runs away. Pullaq finds her with a wounded knee, takes her home and explains to her that these dogs are not for cuddling but working animals. The story and the drastically realistic watercolours will make children understand that the concepts of »normality« differ greatly on our globe. (8+) ☆