White Ravens: Guarani

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Brazil (Portuguese/Guarani) - 2007 - 159
Karai, Luiz (text)
Abrahim, Rodrigo (illus.)
Massacre indígena guarani = Jurua reve nhande kuery joguero’a ague
(Guarani Indian Massacre)
São Paulo : Difusão Cultural do Livro, 2006. 23 p.
(Bilingual ed.: Portuguese and Guarani)
ISBN 85-368-0192-1
Indigenous culture – Ethnic conflicts – Brazil/History
In the small village of Kavure, the religious leader elects his successor. The new »pajé«, Jekupe, at once points out the dangers of living in the immediate vicinity of white men. When a premonition prompts him to propose that they move to a different area, part of the group doesn’t respect his authority and decides to stay. This causes a cruel war between indigenous and non-indigenous people. The story is set in the 19th century and reflects the ethnic conflicts that have been smouldering in Latin America for the past 500 years, terminating many native communities. The bilingual text is accompanied by watercolour illustrations emphasising the characteristics of the indigenous people and portraying their environment in detail. (8+) ☆