White Ravens: Kinyarwanda

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Rwanda (Kinyarwanda) - 2006 - 242
Kilaka, John (text/illus.)
Gyr-Ukunda, Anyesi (transl.)
Ubucuti bw’imbeba n’inzovu
(The friendship between mouse and elephant)
Kigali : Ed. Bakame, 2004. [28] p.
(German edition: Gute Freunde [Good friends]. Zürich : Atlantis [Baobab], 2004)
Rat Friendship – Elephant – Trust – Disappointment – Deceit – Forgiveness
Ratsi, the mouse, is the only animal who knows how to light a fire. While he is busy collecting supplies, his best friend Elephant enjoys doing nothing. When the idle pachyderm offers his solidly built house as a storage room for the food, Ratsi gladly accepts. Yet then, as a severe draught causes food shortage, Elephant doesn’t hand over the stored supplies and so, utterly disappointed, the mouse leaves. Will he be plotting his revenge? Elephant feels guilty and decides to look for his friend. This book, full of luminous, colourful illustrations by the Tanzanian illustrator John Kilaka, tells a common (human) story about friendship, betrayal, and reconciliation. Still, by portraying the houses, clothes, animals, and games in detail, it also offers a glimpse of the daily life in Africa. (4+)
(Bologna Ragazzi Award New Horizons; 2005)