White Ravens: Ladin

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Italy (Ladin) - 1995 - 125
Rossi, Hugo de (text)
D'Este, Alessandra (illus.)
Chiocchetti, Fabio (transl.)
La ziriola de Saslonch
(The Nightingale of Saslong)
Vich/Vigo di Fassa: Istitut Cultural Ladin, 1994. [28] p.
(Conta Conties; 19)
ISBN 88-86053-08-8
Fairy tale/Italy/Ladin - Princess - Metamorphosis - Nightingale - Knight - Lovesickness - Unrequited Love - Death
A knight falls in love with a nightingale - in reality a princess who possesses the power of metamorphosis. The knight senses that something else is hiding within the bird, but because the princess does not reveal herself to him, his longings remain unfulfilled and he dies of lovesickness. Upon his death the princess loses her ability to change back into her human form. Hugo de Rossi, who did much to preserve the Ladin cultural heritage, wrote down this old tale in German at the turn of the century. The Ladin translation is graced with colored, naive illustrations by Alessandra d'Este. The publisher of this series, the Institute Cultural Ladin, has set itself the task of translating well-known and lesser-known tales and stories into the minority language of Ladin, thus making them available to a broader readership. (4+) ☆