White Ravens: Luxembourg

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Luxembourg (French) - 2007 - 137
Neveu, Pauline (text)
Delautre, Antoine (illus.)
Le système sanguin
(Blood circulation)
Mertzig : Zoom Éd., 2006. 40 p.
(Atomes crochus; 3)
ISBN 2-919934-42-2
Circulatory system – Blood transport – Heart – Blood type
The series »Les Atomes crochus« (The crooked atoms) explains scientific phenomena to inquisitive children. In this volume, the wise orang-utan Aristote (Aristotle) describes the complete circulatory system to naughty boys Zoé and Oscar. When Oscar hurts his hand in a tussle and starts bleeding, this injury prompts Aristote to relate how the heart functions, what red blood cells and platelets are, etc. In the first part of the book, the frame story and the monkey’s explanations are presented in a comic-book-like style, whereas in the second part, the clearly written text and sketchy illustrations repeat and sum up the facts mentioned earlier. Further details, for example about the immune system and blood transfusion, are also explained thoroughly. (6+)