White Ravens: Mali

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Special Mention - Mali (French) - 1999 - 113
Kulubali, Baabilen (text)
Aaron, Fatinia (illus.)
Diyenkoroba ou Vieux-comme-le-monde
(Diyenkoroba or As old as the world)
Bamako: Donniya, 1997. 26 p.
(Text in French and Bambara)
ISBN 2-911741-07-2
God/Man - Illness - Healing - Ingratitude
Ethical-religion instruction is the purpose of this classical story about God when he travels the earth disquised as a vagabond and receives nothing but ingratitude from the people he heals of their illnesses. The only thankful person he encounters is rewarded with rich blessings. All the others are punished again with their old sufferings. In addition to the text in Bambara and French, citations from the Koran and the Bible are given in an appendix. The illustrations have dignity and brilliancy. The key scenes of the story are set in the foreground while in the background the leisurely rhythm of everyday life continues, women go about their tasks, children play their games. The daily habits, living styles and traditional garb of the Mali culture are made visible inobtrusively. The meticulous, artistic layout underscores the timeless wisdom of this legend. (8+) ☆