White Ravens: Mordoviya

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Mordoviya (Russian) - 1994 - 38
Jurčenkov, Valerij A. (text)
Chronograf, ili povestvovanie o mordovskom narode i ego istorii
(A Chronology or Narrative of the Mordvian People and Their History)
Saransk: Mordovskoe knižnoe izdatel’stvo, 1991. 367 p.
ISBN 5- 7595-0489-4
Mordviiya/history <100 A.D.- 1900 A.D.>
This volume contains popular science contributions and historical stories about real and fictitious persons from the most important epochs of Mordoviya's history from its origins in the first centuries after the birth of Christ up to the 10th century. Since both Mordvinian languages became standardized only during in the Soviet era, the author of this comprehensive collection draws on myths, orally preserved tales, material traditions, archeological research and the written records of other peoples. (13+)

Mordoviya (Russian) - 1994 - 39
Radaev, Vasilij (text)
Vtulkin, Michail (transl. from Mordvinian into Russian)
Kak kuznec soseda podkoval : Legend y, predanija i bylički
(How the Smith Shod His Neighbor: Legends, Traditions and Fables)
Saransk: Mordovskoe knižnoe izdatel’stvo, 1988. 157 p. With illustrations
ISBN 5-7595-0093-7
Instead of magic fairy tales which are not specific to any nation or ethnic group, this volumes contains typical Mordvinian legends and sagas. This folk literature, closely linked with the Mordvinian traditions, customs, tion of Mordoviya, where Europe and Asia, Christianity, Shamanism and Islam (the religion of their Turkic neighbors) meet. Included are myths of creation, legends of gods and spirits, folk etymogical sagas, sagas of Mordovian's popular heros - such as King Tushtyan, a contemporary of Ivan the Terrible - legends of men of superhuman strength, and tales of faults and foibles such as miserliness, envy, greed, and arrogance. (10+)

Mordoviya - 1994 - 40
Samorodov, Kirill T. (ed.)
Popov, L.V.
Smirnov, Ju.V.
Skazki o životnych
(Animal Tales)
Saransk: Mordovskoe knižnoe izdatel’stvo, 1992. 37 p.
(Mordovskie narodnye skazki)
ISBN 5-7595-0878-4
Animal Tales/Mordoviya

Mordoviya - 1994 - 41
Samorodov, Krill T. (ed.)
Popov, L.V.
Smirnov, Ju.V. (illus.)
Volsebnye skazki
(Tales of Magic)
Saransk: Mordovskoe knižnoe izdatel’stvo, 1992. 37 p.
(Mordovskie narodnye skazki)
ISBN 5-7595-0879-2
Fairy Tales/Mordoviya
Short Mordovinian animal tales resemble to a considerable extent the Russian, but also the Aesop animal fables. The Mordovinian tales of magic collected in the other volume also reveal parallels with the Russian and European tales, often however Mordovian gods. spirits and other mythical figures appear. Although both publications are quite simply produced (stapled) and the illustrations of varying quality, the good lay-out of the books should be emphasized. (6+)