White Ravens: Namibia

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Namibia (English) - 1996 - 24
Marais, Anna Louise (text)
Marais, Christine (illus.)
Etosha experience
Windhoek: Gamsberg Publishers, n.d.. 102 p.
ISBN 0-86848-935-2
Namibia - Natural life - Animals
The animals living in the southern regions of African need not become familiar around the world only through folktales. This well-designed information book provides an artist's ink-and-watercolor renderings and informative texts about the habits and character traits of well over 100 animals found in this Namibian national park. A glossary, index and list of references make the book accessible for young adults. This is a useful addition to collections of African studies. (8+)

Namibia (English) - 1997 - 26
Utley, Jaspar
Ngoma and Click. Namibian detective stories
Windhoek: Gamsberg Macmillan, 1995. 107 p.
ISBN 0-86848-953-0
Detective - Shaman
These nine detective stories introduce Ngoma and Click, a shaman and his Bushman companion, an odd pair of detectives whose powers of observation and ability to reasoning are reminiscent of Sherlock and Watson or even Detective Columbo though, in addition, they draw upon their cultural knowledge and African traditions to solve each case. Each story is set in a different part of Namibia and contains interesting details of social and family customs and provides a glimpse of some aspects of modern life, ranging from industrial espionage, illegal smuggling, racial hatred or marital strife. The excellent characterization and vivid storytelling make this book of suspenseful tales hard to put down. (12+)

Namibia (English) - 1997 - 27
DeVincent, Stephen (comp.)
The orphan calf and the magical cheetah. Cheetah poems, essays and illustrations by the Namibian people
Windhoek: New Namibia Books, 1996. 77 p.
(Excl. dist. by African Books Collective, Oxford)
ISBN 99916-31-54-2
Cheetah - Endangered animals - Animal protection
This attractively designed nonfiction book is a literary collage designed to inform, motivate and also to entertain readers of all ages. The cheetah is an endangered animal with a global population of only 12,500. Though protected by law in Namibia since 1975, more active protection is needed. Interspersed with factual details about the cheetah on colorful double-page spreads in this anthology is a broad selection of poetry, essays, short stories and artwork from Namibian young people. A glossary explains many basic terms and concepts.The paperbound book is printed on high-quality glossy paper and the illustrations are excellently reproduced. (10+)