White Ravens: Nigeria

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Nigeria (English) - 2000 - 23
Onuekwusi, Jasper
A son among daughters
Ibadan: Heinemann Educational Books, 1998. 41 p.
ISBN 978-129-240-7
Father/Son - Self-assertion - Lost/Found - Adventure
Chijioke is the seventh child, and long-awaited only son of a happy, devoted couple, important members of the Okpo village. He takes after his kind and generous parents, but is also spoiled by them and his six sisters. His only fault is his obstinacy. This leads him to disobey and follow his hunter father into the woods one day. Soon lost, he experiences several adventures before he finally comes upon the cottage of a man-eating witch. After several attempts, he manages to run away from her and slowly work his way through the bush, back to his village. The incidents of this story are vividly told and hold the reader in suspense. (10+)

Nigeria (English) - 2002 - 21
Oyefeso, Kolap (reteller)
Modder, Rosalie-Ann (illus.)
The goddess of the kitchen and other stories : folktales from Africa
Ibadan [et al.] : Spectrum Books, 2000. 64 p.
ISBN 978-029-176-8
This small book contains a collection of twenty traditional African folktales, many of them about indigenous animals, selected by Nigerian author Kolapo Oyefeso. In order to allow children to quickly grasp the message of the short moralistic tales, he rewrote them in simple English. This collection stands out because of its beautiful illustrations. Painted by the author's wife in bright colours, the illustrations, resembling traditional African paintings, picture typical landscapes and animals, people and their everyday life. Thus, this book also introduces non-African readers to the country's nature and culture. (4+) ☆