White Ravens: Palestine

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Palestine (Arabic) - 2004 - 245
Muhammad, Zakariyā (text)
‘Abūšī, Samih (illus.)
Nammūlah : hikāya ša ‘bīya bi-tasruf
(Little anty)
Rām-Allāh : Mu´assasa Tāmar lit-ta ‘lim al-Muǧtama‘ī, 2003. [24] p.
Folk tale – Desire to have a child – Ant – Metamorphosis
This Oriental folk tale, different versions of which are popular in Arab countries and Iran, plays with a motif that is reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen’s folk tale Thumbelina and the Grimm Brothers’ Tom Thumb. A woman is desperately longing to have a child, even if it were only as small as an ant. Her heart’s desire is fulfilled. She indeed gives birth to an ant. Although tiny, the ‘daughter’ helps her mother with household chores and, as promised, the woman loves her tenderly. In the end, her love and affection are rewarded: When the mother washes her ant-daughter with oil, she turns into a real girl. The colourful illustrations are created in a simple and folkloristic style that perfectly matches that of the folk tale. (5+)