White Ravens: Romany

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Romania (Romany/Romanian) - 2003 - 145
Etveş, Francisca Ioana (ed.)
Ursu, Maria (transl.)
Poveşti şi basme romani
(Stories and fairytales from the Romany people)
Cluj-Napoca : Todescu, 2001. 111 p.
(Bilingual text Romany / Romanian)
ISBN 973-8198-01-1
Romania – Romany people – Fairytales – Stories
This collection contains 13 amusing stories and fairytales from the Romany oral storytelling tradition featuring witches, dragons, Death and the Devil. Love and friendship, as well as cunning and cleverness characterise the lives of these people, who are often confronted with contempt and suppression in a hostile environment, but still manage to master their lives. In »Zurinka«, Tsar Ivan falls in love with a beautiful Romany girl and would even resign from his throne to share his life with her. In »Axelandra and the miracle of love«, a Romany girl manages to find her happiness against all adversities. And »Pischta« outwits Death by selling him his shadow. Sparing yet expressive black-and-white illustrations underline the texts’ messages. (7+) ☆