White Ravens: Tanzania

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Tanzania (English) - 2004 - 25
Bgoya, Walter (text)
Steinberg-Mund, Christine (illus.)
The story of the crow and the frog
Dar es Salaam : Mkuki na Nyota Publ., [2003]. [14] p.
ISBN 9987-686-41-9
Crow – Frog – Race – Deception
In this small square picture book, Walter Bgoya presents a variation of the motif about the race between a hare and a hedgehog well-known worldwide through the Grimm brothers’ folk tale collections. This time, it is a young crow who proudly thinks himself superior to an old frog and challenges the amphibian to a race. Thanks to a little frog girl’s clever plan, however, the crow is taught a lesson and forthwith both species respect each other. The short text is accompanied by humorous colour-pencil drawings. The bustling pictures nicely illustrate how an utterly astonished and confused crow is eventually defeated by a group of slyly grinning, jumpy little frogs. (4+)