White Ravens: Tunisia

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Tunisia (French) - 1995 - 118
Pierre, Bernard (text)
Counnont, Isabelle (illus.)
Mille et un Nil
(A thousand and one Niles)
Tunis: Alif, les Editions de la Méditerranée, ; / n.p.: Hotier, 1993.. [10] p.
ISBN 2-218-06968-7
Nile River/History 322 B.C. - 1990 A.D. - Nile River/Flora and Fauna
The Alif publishing house, renown for its interesting picture and illustrated nonfiction books has been collaborating for several years with the Paris publisher Hatier to produce elaborate pop-up books dealing with the Mediterranean region. Each book is a success not only aesthetically, but also as a source of scientifically sound information. This most recent volume provides a many-facetted overview of the historical and geographical significance of the Nile. Even smaller children can become acquainted with the rich animal and plant kingdom, the highly diversified landscape. Older children will profit from the highly informative text. (5+)

Tunisia (French) - 2001 - 111
Béji, Hélène (text)
Saïdane, Marie-Charlotte (illus.)
Minuit sonne à l'horloge céleste
(The heavenly clock strikes midnight)
Tunis : Éd. de l'Arbre, 1998. [16] p.
ISBN 9973-772-40-7
Night - Star - Moon
A curious little star pays the moon a visit and wants to know all about his names: those of the different lunar phases and those inspired by poetic imagery. It finds out that the moon is by far human's favourite celestial body, and that he controls the natural cycle and even time. Soft watercolours with quotes from the text add a lovely touch to this bedtime-story. (3+)

Tunisia (French) - 2004 - 102
Marzouki, Samir (text)
Sawabi, Nabil (illus.)
L’aventure de la maison abandonée
(The adventure in the deserted house)
Tunis : Cérès Éd. [et al.], 2002. 25 p.
(Le miroir d’encre)
ISBN 9973-19-537-x
Colonial house – Dilapidation – Curiosity – Adventure
For a very long time, a deserted colonial house on the other side of the street and hidden behind a tall hedge, has aroused the curiosity of the portagonist and his brother Nader. When their parents drive away to attend a wedding, the two boys and Lofti, their young visitor, seize the opportunity and start exploring the mysterious place. Through the immediacy of the first-person narration, the short tale, which describes the curiosity peculiar to children about unknown and forbidden things, turns into an exciting adventure. The linocut illustrations successfully underline the mysterious atmosphere as well as the fear and excitement that accompanies the boys on their trip. (8+)