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Turkey (Turkish) - 1993 - 48
Ural, Serpil (text/illus.)
(The Present)
Istanbul: Ya-Pa Yayinlari, 1986. 16 p.
book - friends - nature
This is the story of a young girl who is most happy when she is outside and can enjoy the songs of the birds. When she is forced to stay inside in the winter months, a good fairy descends from the heavens and brings her a book filled with a thousand marvels to keep her company. - Ural is primarily an illustrator and much beloved in Turkey. While her texts usually have a didactic purpose, her illustrations appeal directly to younger children. (5+)
(Noma award winner)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1994 - 56
Alpöge, Gülçin (text)
Erkmen, Nazan (illus.)
Istanbul: Ya-pa yayinlari, n.d.. 16 p.
(Egitsel ykler dizisi, 30)
Turkey - Fairy Tale
A retelling of a Turkish folktale for the young reader. Keloglan, a poor boy who must work hard, manages to marry the king's daughter. The tale is accompanied by excellent illustrations. (7+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1994 - 57
Alpöge, Gülçin (text)
Erkmen, Nazan (illus.)
Mehmet'in evi
(Mehmet's Home)
Istanbul: Ya-pa yayinlari, n.d.. 16 p.
City - Countryside – Conflict
It is winter. Mehmet's family lives a simple life in the country. The young boy is happy in the midst of his relatives and with his dog. One day he travels with his dog to the city. The loud traffic, the oppressive anonymity, the concrete houses make him unhappy. He returns home, where he can be in familiar surroundings and the open countryside, free and untroubled. This book is a plea for the country life where a person can live carefree in harmony with nature. (7+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1997 - 252
Çakıroğlu, Atilâ (reteller)
Keskin, Nermin (illus.)
(<Proper name>)
Ankara: Kültür Bakanlığı Millî Kütüphane Basımevi, 1996. 46 p.
ISBN 975-17-1420-6
Turkey/Folktale - Cleverness - Miracles
This volume contains four stories featuring the well-known Turkish folk hero Keloğlan. These traditional humorous tales, retold here in verse form, describe several episodes in the life of the bald, jovial boy who lives alone with his mother. Using only his own cleverness, he masters all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. In these tales he manages to marry the daughter of the Pasha, to successfully do battle with his own hunger, and to work miracles through his compassion. (10+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1998 - 252
Çnaroğlu, Ayla (text)
Berkkan, Yaprak (illus.)
Kanaryamn öyküsü
(The story of my canary)
İstanbul: Uçanbalk Yaynlar, 1996. (2nd ed.) 36 p.
ISBN 975-8039-42-3
Canary - Man/Animal
One day a family buys a canary and soon the grandmother claims she can understand the language of the bird. She tells the bird's story to her granddaughter, who writes it down here in a naive, but expressive style. The reader learns of the exciting, but also saddening and frightful experiences of the bird with its previous owner. Seen from the perspective of an animal, the description of our human world acquires a special touch. (8+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1998 - 253
Gürdal Ünal, Ayfer (text)
Ceylan, Saadet (illus.)
Doğum gününde gelen ağaç
(The birthday tree)
İstanbul: Çnar Yaylnlar, 1996. 24 p.
(Çnar çocuk kitaplar)
ISBN 975-348-089-x
Tree - Love of nature - Birthday present
This picture book tells about a boy who is very pleased with the many presents he receives at his seventh birthday party. But he doesn't know what to do with the little walnut tree given to him by one of his friends. He pays little attention to it, because he doesn't know what to do with it. After the tree has been planted in the garden, he recognizes how it differs from all the other presents. The tree will grow and prosper, keeping him company for many years. (5+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1999 - 250
Akal, Aytül (text)
Delibaş Yetkin, Ayla (illus.)
İp bacaklı uzaylı çocuk
(The tall, thin boy from outer space)
Levent, Istanbul: Uçanbalık, 1997. 16 p.
([Aytül Akal'dan masallar dizisi / Çikolata masalları] ; 1)
ISBN 975-8039-67-9
Candy - Nutrition - Cockaigne (Fool's paradise)
A little girl would rather eat nothing but sweets and drives her mother to despair when all her attempts fail to make healthy foods appeal to her daughter. Then all of a sudden a tall, thin stranger appears who takes the little girl away to his home in outer space where everything is made of sweets. Soon she is fed up with all these foods. She wants only to return home and never hear the word »sweets« again. Not unlike the Greek legend of King Midas, whose greed caused everything to be turned to gold, or the landscape of a fool's paradise, this uncomplicated, illustrated story playfully deals with the theme of excess and saturation. (4+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 1999 - 251
Gürmen, Aysel (text)
Demirtaş, Sibel (illus.)
Selen'in ormanı
(Selen's forest)
Levent-İstanbul: Uçanbalık, 1997. 75 p.
(Gürmen, Aysel: Selen'in öyküleri ; 4)
(Gülen öyküler dizisi)
ISBN 975-8039-49-0
Turkey/Everyday life - Travel
Four-year old Selen takes a holiday trip with her family through her own native country of Turkey. Their experiences are described from her point of view - car travel, a ride on a ship, visits to the cities and a walk in a forest. Selen's child-like questions about her country or about topics such as nature and environmental pollution are answered by her older sister. Through the entertaining narration of everyday situations - such as playing at the seashore or taking part in a wedding celebration - the young reader is given a vivid picture of modern life in Turkey. (6+) ☼

Turkey (Turkish) - 2000 - 248
Akçagüner, Zeliha (text)
Bozkurt, Gözde (illus.)
2150 yılına yolculuk
(Travel in the year 2150)
Cağaloğlu / İstanbul: Bu Yayınevi, 1999. 140 p.
(Dünyal2lar ve ilginç konuklar )
ISBN 975-565-213-2
Extraterrestrial intelligence - Earth - Visitor - Environmental consciousness
The second part of this multi-part story deals with the visit of two teenage extraterrestrials who come to modern day earth from two different periods of time in the future (2150 and 2500 A.D.). They make observations of life on our planet, especially the relationship between modern day youth and nature. Finding it to be quite positive, they take their knowledge back to their planets as an important message. Packed into a science fiction tale the author makes an appeal to youthful readers to pay attention to their environment and treat it responsibly. (11+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2000 - 249
Kaya, İsmail (text/illus.)
Uçmak İsteyen kaplumbağa
(The turtle who wanted to fly)
Kızılay/Ankara: Kök Yayıncılık, 1997. 27 p.
(Öykü kitaplar)
ISBN 975-499-113-8
Turtle - Boredom - Flying
A little turtle finds the company of its fellow turtles boring. Instead of crawling around with them, it would much rather fly around in the sky with the butterflies. Yet despite every possible effort, its attempts at flying are unsuccessful. And when the little turtle gets into trouble, it turns out to be good to have other turtles around to help after all. This animal fable is accompanied by atmospheric illustrations in soft pastel colors. (4+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2000 - 250
Turan, Nuran (text)
Demircan, Serdar (illus.)
Nur Ana
(Mother's light)
Ankara: Türkiye İş Bankası, 1998. 109 p.
(Türkiye İş Bankas2 Kültür Yay2nlar2 / Genel yay2n ; 374) (Türkiye İş Bankas2 Kültür Yay2nlar2 / Genel yay2n / Çocuk dizisi ; 58)
ISBN 975-458-105-3
Summer holiday - Island - Friendship
Six teenagers are spending their summer holidays on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. They go swimming, diving and play games - and each of them tells his or her own life story as well as stories from books they have read. When the holidays come to an end, their friendships are continued by letter. The author connects the everyday life of teenagers growing up in modern times with ancient kernels of wisdom that are still valid today. (11+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2001 - 249
Bassa, Zeynep (text/illus.)
Emir Yaman
(<Proper name>)
Ankara : Kültür Bakanlıǧ, 1999. 46 p.
(Türkiye / Kültür Bakanliği : Kültür Bakanlığı Yayınları ; 2204 - Türkiye / Kültür Bakanlığı: [Kültür Bakanlığı Yayınları / Çocuk kitapları dizisi] ; 214)
ISBN 975-17-2125-3
Witch - Stepmother - Fairy tale
Emir Yaman, a clever and good-hearted boy, meets a sad girl, who is harassed by her evil stepmother, a real witch. With the support of his friends, animals and plants, Emir succeeds in rescuing the poor girl. The popular Turkish fairy tale is recounted in this book. Quoting a characteristic elements of Islamic art, the text and colour-illustrations are framed by original, colourful ornaments, depicting selected details of the tale. (6+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2001 - 250
Kaya, İsmail (text/illus.)
Küçük karga‘nın bir günü
(A day in the life of the little raven)
Kızılay/Ankara : Kök Yayıncılık, 1997. [32] p.
ISBN 975-499-112-x
Raven - Flying - Patience
A young raven squirms about in his nest. He is terribly impatient to fly like the big ravens, and, if possible, with his eyes closed. But he is still afraid. So he consults a clever book and asks the other birds of the neighbourhood for advice. All in vain. He simply isn't ready yet. This picture book chooses the form of the fable to tell of the patience and the time required for every development. The black of the birds, the bright green and yellow of the trees, and the blue of the sky dominate the illustrations. The strong brush-strokes and the dynamics of the pictures perfectly capture the young raven's energy and impetuous impatience. (4+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2002 - 248
Çınaroǧlu, Ayla (text)
Delioǧlu, Mustafa (illus.)
İlkbaharın sesi
(The voice of spring)
Levent [et al.] : Uçanbalık, 1999. [28] p.
(Tembel Fare Tini dizisi ; 3)
ISBN 975-587-024-5
Mouse – Loneliness – Spring
Tini, a small mouse, is a couch potato indeed. Since she always stays at home, she doesn't have any friends and, therefore, she feels lonely and listless. But constant dripping wears away the stone: Her uncle keeps telling her stories that always start with the same words (»Once upon a time, there was a beautiful spring day …«). Her mother tells her a special tale reminding her over and over again that she was born in spring. Slowly but surely her curiosity gains the upper hand and the lazy little mouse eventually crawls out of her hole. She explores the spring garden with its bewitching colours, sounds, and smells. Colourful illustrations accompany this animal story, told in a very humorous voice. (4+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2002 - 249
Gürmen, Aysel (text)
Ceylan, Saadet (illus.)
Kıpırık tavşan
(Kipirik, the rabbit)
Levent [et al.] : Uçanbalık Yayıncılık, 2000. [16] p.
ISBN 975-587-033-4
Rabbit – Forest – Parents – Death – Feeling of guilt – Fairy
Young rabbit Kipirik feels very happy in his family. There is absolutely no reason for him to complain; if only life wasn't so boring sometimes. That is why, one day, he sets off on an adventurous expedition together with a butterfly. When he arrives back home, he is shocked to find that his whole family is dead. Dreadfully sad, he blames himself for their death. Luckily enough, a good fairy manages to comfort him and chase away his feelings of guilt, helping him to cope with the loss of his parents. Using simple words and pictures, this book succeeds in explaining the difficult topic of death and loss of relatives to small children. (5+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2002 - 250
Neydim, Necdet (text)
Kökçüoğlu, Sedef (illus.)
(Short stories)
İstanbul : BU Yayınevi, 2001. 79 p.
(Öykü denizi)
ISBN 975-565-239-6
School – Family
This volume contains seven short stories about the everyday life of Turkish teenagers. The tales focus on events, problems, and questions which preoccupy young people in their family and school life. Although the stories are written in a very entertaining style, critical topics are not omitted. Among other issues, the book deals with the question of how economic problems (or rather poverty) influence the family life and may possibly lead to problems at school. In his true-to-life stories, the author employs a sensitive and realistic language. (12+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2003 - 249
Akak, Aytül (text)
Delioǧlu, Mustafa (illus.)
Babam duymasın
(My father shall not hear it)
Levent-İstanbul: Uçanbalık Yayınları, 2002. 63 p.
(Okumayı seviyorum dizisi)
ISBN 975-587-044-x
Everyday life – School
The author of this volume tells eight stories about the life of primary school children in Turkey. The stories focus on everday and yet important questions and topics, which most children think about during their daily lives, such as why children have to go to school, or how children are »made«. The simple tales closely reflect a child’s way of experiencing the world. They are suitable for reading aloud or to be read on their own by primary school children. (6+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2003 - 250
Sertbarut, Miyase
Gerçekle büyümek, düşlerle yürümek
(Growing up with the truth)
İstanbul : BU Yayinevi, 2000. 188 p.
ISBN 975-565-255-8
Girl – Poverty – Ambition – Success – Social advancement
In this novel, a young girl tells about her arguments with her family, relatives, and friends about whether she can be allowed to make her own choices. The family lives in humble conditions in the city of Istanbul. Despite her parents’ resistance, lack of understanding, and the fact that they do not have any money to buy the schoolbooks, the girl attends secondary school. After a few failed attempts, she finally passes the entrance exam to university and starts studying to become a doctor. The story of this strong-willed young woman is told in an absorbing narrative. (12+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2004 - 250
Kutsal, Nazire
Sırmalı sandaletler : gençlik roman
(A braided sandal)
Istanbul : BU Yayınevi, 2003. 184 p.
ISBN 975-565-376-7
City – Poverty – Girl – Family conflict – Dream
This novel is a realistic portrayal of a girl’s life in a socially fragile district of the metropolis of Istanbul. Gülperi’s mother works all day as a cleaning lady to support the family while the father, who is often drunk, neglects his responsibility towards the family. To forget about the conflicts at home and the social misery surrounding her, Gülperi escapes in her day-dreams to a »happy island« in whose existence she believes just as much as in love, which she hopes to find one day. The author succeeds in convincingly conveying the social reality as well as the girl’s thoughts and emotions. (13+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2005 - 250
Ibiș, Șule
Kamp Arkadașları : gençlik roman
(Friends in the summer camp)
Cağaloğlu-Istanbul : BU Yayınevi, 2004. 144 p.
ISBN 975-8926-00-4
Teenager – Holidays – Summer camp – Group behaviour
This novel takes a closer look at the relationships within a group of teenagers. In the summer holidays, three girls, three boys, and their teacher go on a camping trip into the forest of an island where, right at the beginning, they are attacked by a predator. Who kills the animal remains a secret. Some misunderstandings lead to various arguments that escalate at some point, but, eventually, the group members are reconciled when they rise to a difficult challenge together. The successful debut novel by the 18-year-old author, which was reviewed positively by the critics, examines patterns of social behaviour in a fascinating way. (12+)

Turkey (Turkish) - 2006 - 250
Sayın, Betül (text/illus.)
5 Çocuk 5 Istanbul
(Five children, five times Istanbul)
Istanbul : Günışıġı Kitaplıġı, 2005. 31 p.
ISBN 975-6227-08-7
In a very original way, this book addresses the long and changeable history of Istanbul by following the lives of five children living in the city at different times of history. Starting with the present time, the story goes back further and further, first to the Ottoman Empire, then to the times when Istanbul was called Constantinople, then Byzantium, finishing off with the first settlement at that place during the Stone Age. The five episodes are connected through ordinary objects, such as a mirror that a boy discovers on a market, which formerly belonged to a girl, who, in turn, finds an ancient coin, and so on ... Thanks to these tales, the past comes alive for the readers. Numerous colour illustration allow further glimpses into this important city’s fascinating history. (6+) ☆

Turkey (Turkish) - 2007 - 241
Erdoǧan, Fatih
Sihirli küre
(The magic globe)
Istanbul : Mavibulut, 2006. 184 p.
(Sihirli dizi; 5)
ISBN 975-310-051-5
Grandmother – Grandson – Magic – Journey
This book, which belongs to a series of magical tales by Fatih Erdoǧan, tells the story of the Turkish boy Ozan who misses his grandmother. Since she lives in New Zealand, the two haven’t seen each other for a very long time. When the boy lets his finger travel across a globe, he suddenly experiences a strange sensation that feels as if he could actually fly. Soon afterwards, he wakes up in a forest on the other side of the world. He finds his grandmother and meets a girl with whom he chats about their different home countries. This imaginative book offers its readers many possibilities to identify with the protagonist and share his wishes and feelings. It easily lends itself to both reading aloud or on one’s own. (7+) ☆