White Ravens: Ukraine

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Ukraine (Ukrainian) - 2005 - 216
Jerko, Vladyslav (illus.)
Fysjuk, Ihor’ (transl.)
Kazky tumannogo Al’bionu : brytans’ki rycars’ki kazky
(Tales from foggy Albion : Celtic legends of chivalry)
Kyiv : Ababahalamaha, 2004. 22 p.
ISBN 966-7047-37-7
This collection in picture book style contains the retellings of an English legend and two Scottish ones: »Young Roland« rescues his sister Ellen who was taken prisoner by the king of the elves. In »The Children of the Knight of Ailp«, druids put a spell on King Ailp’s children from which they are released only after long-lasting adventures. The third tale relates how Earl Gregory is bewitched by the »Elf Knight« but finally saved by a friend and a few gnomes. Like the well-known Russian illustrator Gennadij Spirin, Vladyslav Jerko adopts elements from miniature painting of the late Gothic period and the Renaissance thus creating a powerful sense of depth. In his full-page pictures, the artist plays with detailed traditional patterns, while the people depicted clearly have modern faces. (8+)