White Ravens: Ukrania

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Ukrania (Russian) - 1997 - 232
Krotov, Viktor G. (text)
Vlasova, Anna (illus.)
Š erbov, Michail (illus.)
Volšebnyj vozok - 1. Vagik u itsja putešestvovat', 142pp. 2. Putešestvie v razgrade, 202pp. 3. Vglub' i vvys', 194pp.
(The magic coach - 1. Vagik learns how to travel. 2. Unbounded travels. 3. Upwards and downwards)
Each: Odessa: Dva slona, 1995.
(Semejnaja biblioteka; Pervaja kniga dlja detej)
ISBN 5-86699-043-1/044-X/045-8
Imaginary travel - Reality - Imagination
In this three-volume fantasy by the mathematician, novelist and philosopher Viktor Krotkov, in which traces of the »Alice-in-Wonderland« theme can be seen, a magician invites a boy to take a magical journey, in the course of which he must fulfill many tasks before reaching the magic fountain. On his way he encounters many helpful spirits, but also evil creatures. Unlike many fantasy novels from Western countries, this work is not overburdened with intellectual and philosophical issues. The author endeavors instead to help children find their own identity. He worked for 20 years on this novel by telling parts of it in this or similar versions to children orally. In this written edition there still remains something of the direct style of narrative. (10+)

Ukrania (Ukrainian) - 2001 - 220
Holozubiv, Volodymyr (illus.)
Rukavyčka : ukraïns'ka narodna kazka
(The glove : an Ukranian fairy tale)
Kyïv : A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha, 1997. 31 p.
ISBN 966-7047-06-7
Winter - Animals - Glove - Shelter - Fairy tale
This picture book edition of the classical folktale, in which a mouse, a fox, a boar and a bear find shelter in a lost glove to protect themselves from the great cold, is particularly beautifully illustrated. Volodymyr Holozubiv has a talent for creating brilliantly bright, modern pictorial landscapes inspired by Ukranian folkart. (3+)

Ukrania (Ukrainian) - 2002 - 218
Andersen, Hans Christian (text)
Jerko, Vladyslav (illus.)
Ivanenko, O. (transl.)
Snihova koroleva
(The Snow Queen)
(Orig. Danish title: Snedronningen)
Kyïv : A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha, 2000. 30 p.
ISBN 966-7047-14-8
The Good – The Evil – Rescue – Journey – Dreamland – Fairytale
With this book, the small but hard-working Ukranian publishing house A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha presents a new version of Andersen's »Snow Queen« with a particularly beautiful design and print. Small pictures, half as wide as the text, and ornamented capital letters enliven the text. The special appeal of the full- and double-page illustrations lies in the fineness of their lines and in the infinite number of details depicted. The expressive and moving illustrations correspond very well to the message of Andersen's fairytale. (5+)

Ukrania (Ukrainian) - 2002 - 219
Chymyè, Heorhij (text)
Savèenko, Serhij (illus.)
Pesyk ta joho misjačni druzi
(The dog and his friends at the moon)
Kyïv : A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha, 2000. [28] p.
ISBN 966-7047-17-2
Animals – Moon - Journey – Anthropomorphism – Friendship
A dog, a tomcat, a cock, and a rabbit are planning a trip to the moon. Since the dog is the cleverest of them all, he is supposed to stay at home and guard the house. Without his friends, however, time seems to stretch endlessly before the dog. He feels quite sad – but then, before long, his friends return. The book's lively pictures with their glowing colours are particularly appealing to small children. Design and printing of this book, as of many other books by Aba- ba-ha-la-ma-ha, are of high quality. (3+)

Ukrania (Ukrainian) - 2002 - 220
Vinhranovs'kyj, Mykola (text)
Lavro, Kost' (illus.)
Kozak Petro Mamaryha
(The Cossack Petro Mamaryha)
Kyïv : A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha, 2001. [36] p.
ISBN 966-7047-13-x
Cossacks – Tartars – Horse – Fight – Trick
This picture book relates the legend of the Cossack Petro Mamaryha, who had to hide from the Tartars in a lake in the steppe. Only the cleverness of his horse Hyvor saved him. The illustrations by Kost' Lavro are rendered in bright colours and are similar in style to Central Asian art. Apart from the title story, this book also includes several animal poems by Mykola Vinhranovs'kyj. (4+)