White Ravens: Uruguay

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Uruguay (Spanish) - 2001 - 173
Bavosi, Ana María (adapt.)
Cassinelli, Horacio (illus.)
Pedro Catorce
(Pedro Fourteen <proper name>)
[Montevideo] : Bicho Feo Ed., 1996. 23 p.
ISBN 9974-625-01-7
Giant - Strength - Devil - Fairy tale
Pedro Fourteen is a hell of guy: he is as big and strong as fourteen men, he works like fourteen men – but unfortunately he also eats like fourteen men. That's why the villagers want to get rid of him and literally send the candid voracious eater to hell. How Pedro fights a whole pack of nasty little devils, and why the devil is first put in a sack and finally ends up in a cool grave on top of a high mountain, that's what this peculiar fairy tale will tell you. The caricaturesque style of the energetic line-drawings, partially washed with watercolours, perfectly suits the humorous text. (5+)